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The question of the granddaughter of Carlos Monzone who annoyed Susan Giménez: "Do you want to have kids with my grandfather?"

Agustín Monzón was questioning the diva in his program (Video: "Susana Giménez" – Telefe)

"After many years I called her police on the program and can seek forgiveness. I did not know Carlos … All men when they cheat women say they are not married. They say: & # 39; No, we do not separate & # 39; or "We're separated, do not you see me living in Buenos Aires and she lives in Santa Fe?" They lie"Said Susan Agustin.

Then the young man, who had never met his grandfather, said,My mom told me that it was the only time Carlos left home to be with you"And Susana tried to explain: "Yes, I do not want to comment on the case, but we made a movie that was iconic for luck (for Maria). The movie that stuck in … "

But at that point, Agustín interrupted her: "I did not come to tell you, but to resolve all suspicionsI made a list here. " After taking out a piece of paper with the questions, the young man turned to the conversation and began questioning Susan.

"Did he tell you he wanted to learn?" "No, I wanted to learn, I did not have them, but I took a teacher who helped him to modulate the words, put it in the end and learned a lot, and then I also took it because I was a teacher Bilo the night we dictated.Take a notebook, write it down. And then correctOne night we had maths … "the diva replied.

"Was he a good student?" Agustín asked. "Maso"Susan answered and added," I gave him the first book. I never read. He said, "No, what is this?" I said, 'You're crazy, that's what you love.' And he liked it. He loved it TonyThese were comics TarzanAnd then he liked and read a few books. "

Then Agustín asked him whether he first liked the idea of ​​taking part in the film. "At that time I said,"They are crazy, he is a world champion in boxing, but he is not an actorshe remembered the dive. I (Daniel) Tinayrewho chose him, said: "It does not matter, we'll double it. This will be incredible. And nobody could say no to Tinayreu because he was a holy monster in what he was doing, director of those incredible.

After I saw some pictures Maria, Susana commented: "Was there no other little thing? They were crazy! It was a very strong movie." Emilio Perinaand it made me angry. I said, "I have to make this movie, it has to work in the cinema, it's incredible." And so it was. But also because Daniel Tinayre was right: Carlos was at this time, especially in Europe – and in Argentina not to mention – he was very famous. I could not walk the street. Then what happened has happened.

Agustin immediately asked him:What happened when you first saw him face to face? How was that?"And Susana hated," But you ask me all! Oh my God! "

"Carlos was a bit, I do not know how to explain it … It was like a ladie, And I did not know him, so we got to know the cocktail party that made the production Maria so that we know each other Then they met us and I said, "Hi, how are you?" And he kissed me in my mouth, I was with a boyfriend and said, "Hey, did you see that he kissed me in the mouth?" "Leave it, it's the world champion," he replied. But why do you have to kiss me in my mouth? That made me angry, but then it happened to me because the movie started and everyone was in their role. We also started to play a lot with the whole team, with cameras, with lights. I was his partner and we always won. There we started to create friends there"Susan said."

Rogue, Agustín insisted: "What about the film, is it true that the myth after the scene …?" – No, that's not true. Everyone believes this, but that is not true, Someone, in joke, had to say that the director had said the & # 39; cut & # 39; and they did not cut. But no, it's a lie. like many things in life … He was very charismatic, special. Many liked it to be nice. The only problem Carlos had was alcohol, the only problem, the one that led to a complete disaster"she recognized the diva."

"So they split apart or for some other reason?" Ask Agustin. Susana said, "That was not because of it, actually, we split up after … Why do you ask me all of this?" I went to all the clubs, in Santa Fe to eat with friends, acid alcohol i chupi". "The man is very late in the night," said the young man. "When she was with me, it was not night, but during the day I drank," concluded the diva.

After a while, Agustín told him that he saw spectacular images of Susan traveling with her grandfather. "Yes, we traveled a lot, we went to many places, I went with him not in the fight, but yes, we went there earlier, then I was in the theater so I had to go back," the diva recalled.

"How did you prepare for the fight?" Asked the young man. "Very well, he was very professional, but he told me that when he was hungry, he would be better prepared." They called in at five o'clock and said, "No, I will not go, tell him no." And you have to go the same way. But when I was very poor, he always told me to train all daySusan said.

Augustine recalled, "Glad is a very important factor, he has suffered." "Completely, he comes from a very poor family, from San Javier, and now I am learning a series of many things from his childhood that he did not know," Susan admits, thinking of a biography room.

Finally, the young man asked a question that revealed the diva:Do you want to have kids with Carlos?"I killed this boy!" No, my love. The truth is not. I already had a lot of kids he and I were at the peak of his career: It was all in the bikini, it was a magazine and I could not (get pregnant), Susan concluded.

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