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The reason why McDonald's will stop selling his line of gourmet burgers

McDonald & # 39; s will cease to produce gourmet burgers and will renew its traditionally quarter pound, the company announced on Wednesday, when it announced it would move away from its lineup Recipes for signingwhich included products such as hamburgers with mushrooms and Swiss cheese; and another bacon, cheddar and fried onions.

McDonald's made the decision in mind guest opinion.

"Based on consumer comments, we will remove it from our national menu line Recipes for signingHe said McDonald & # 39; s on your site. – Our new line Fourth Pounder It gives the customers more beautiful, customizable and tasty flavors they love. "

Recipes that were produced were only launched in May 2017 and were over $ 5. Chris Kempczinski, president McDonald's United StatesHe said that these new recipes will attract you milleniallsHowever, this food did not sell well, and in addition, in March 2018, the company improved the quality of its classic hamburger by introducing meat that is not frozen according to the recipe.

"They had success with fresh meat," said Robert Derrington, a restaurant analyst at various US media. "They do not have to add gourmet stuff to the menu. Instead, I can succeed with the same products but fresh. "

In recent months, McDonald's has introduced new versions of his classics quarter pound; one with bacon and one deluxe version salad and tomatoes Both are prepared with fresh meat.

According to various analysts, restaurants focus on reducing the amount of product to improve speed of service and accuracy of the order They are more successful.

Faced with this reality, the fast food company has decided to cut its bids to improve its offer quality of service. It has also recently reported that it has reduced the number night menu

"We will simplify what is served after midnight so customers can get it most popular favorites"said Andrea Abate, spokeswoman for McDonald's.

As opposed to that, breakfast menu, an important meal for fast food chains. In October last year, the company added the first sandwich in the five-year menu. In February this year they presented Crochet sticks, a sweet sugar and cinnamon snack, available only during the course breakfast hours.

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