Monday , May 17 2021

The routine in the gym that got "10", but it moves the world for an even more strange reason

When the first chords were "Proud Mary"Tina Turner heard on Saturday at Anaheim Arena, 21-year-old Katelyn Ohashi returned to live, accurately described Washington Post.

It was a minute and a half of a pirate, dance moves and jumping through the air absolutely correct. There are no mistakes. With a smile on the face from the beginning to the end. It ended with joy. He met his coaches and a team at the University of California (UCLA) with a hand in hand. The stadium exploded.

A few seconds later, the qualification of the jury of the University Artistic Gymnastics Competition was followed:

Diez. Dream Number Absolute Perfection.

The video with his presentation became viral in the US. By Monday morning, 13 million people saw it.

His performance was not the first time the audience was surprised. Last year he won a university championship with Michael Jackson's music routine, which he received 9.95 judges and had over 4 million views on YouTube.

Although it may seem strange, gymnastics did not always be a source of happiness. Born in Seattle, Ohashi spent four years at the US Olympic Team. In 2013 he won the American Cup by winning a multiple Olympic champion Simone Biles.

But something went wrong. "There was a time when I was on top of the world, with Olympic prospects," he said in a moving testimony to The Players Tribune. "He was invincible until I stopped being.

Ohashi apologized for his sufferingIntense pressure that lived as an elite athlete. Those who ate and compared with "a bird that could not fly" pointed out. In the spots of her routine for that time, she rarely seemed smiling, He came to compete with the fracture in the back and two tweaks in the shoulders … as long as One day he decided to withdraw from elite gymnastics and dedicate himself only to university competitions.

Since joining the UCLA team, he has again found "joy and love for the sport," he said. "For a long time, I have not experienced such happiness. "

"It's not a result, it's not on the podium with the medal." It's a chance to leave with a smile on your face and be happy with mehe explained.

In fact, many commentaries on networking on its performance on Saturday mention it the same. how strange it is to see an athlete of his level who enjoys and laughs while performing his routine.

"I do not think I saw anyone so much fun while he was competing"wrote a person on Twitter."Not only is your routine perfect, but your joy is absolutely addictive"he added.

All in all, Ohashi let himself bewildered self-criticism: "Now I just have to learn to applaud the rhythm," he wrote with emoji of joy on his Twitter account.

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