Monday , May 17 2021

The savings plan creates water to increase the quota

One of the unwanted effects of rising US dollars in Argentina was the increase in the car's zero mile value and its soon-to-be-cost savings plan that controlled a number of customers who were immersed in this system.

Thus, car sales through savings plans will close in 2018 with a drop of 7% compared to the historic patent average, as already noted for the sharp rise in vehicle prices due to dollar devaluation.

The Argentine Republic Automotive Manufacturers Association (Acara) went out to notice that in the last few months, by withdrawing sales, the saving plan was confirmed by increasing the car's value.

In the case of those who have already suffered discomfort, this is due to a sudden increase in quotation prices because securities are subject to updating of the model until the garment is definitely settled.

In other cases, such as those who are already in a position to access a 0 Km vehicle, it goes through the difference in price that exists in relation to the official value of the list – which is used for plan and heavy discounts that can be accessed by purchasing cash .

In Acari, as a result of that panorama, they believe there is delicate inactivity by automotive companies and that it "requires quick action, with options such as extending the terms of purchase, extending bonuses to savings plans, and improving long-term rates."

According to Director Acare, the previous savings plan is an anti-crisis product that "does not fulfill that function because of the influence of devaluation and inflation", and that in 2018, this sales channel will fall. 7% of patents, with what will move from 35% to 28% at the end of December.

Looking at 2019, Acari claims that the movement of economic and financial variables brought about in the middle of the current year has caused a sharp drop in sales, and as a result, the sector has accumulated 260,000 unpaid units between the concessionaire and the terminal.

This last issue – according to managers – "represents the sale for the first 5 or 6 months of 2019." This oversized inventory has led automakers to repair production cycles as the car market does not stabilize, so vehicle promotional prices will be prolonged during the first months of 2019. That's why car prices will rise again until the second half of next year until they reach their "equilibrium price in dollars."

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unit 0 km. It is calculated to be the accumulated stock of the vehicle for sale. Will the Promotions Continue?

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