Tuesday , May 18 2021

The Social Action Fund rejected the year a great deal: four vehicles 0 km

On Saturday evening, the Social Action Fund (CAS) handed over a new delivery of prize coupons, in this case last year, which had four vehicles of the main prize of 0 km.

The drama had a large audience, and was headed by the head of CAS Claudia Lpez, accompanied by an agency official. After the draw, the authorities continued to deliver the awards corresponding to a special draw.


1 award: Renault Kwid car 0 km more patents, for Jess Herrera

2nd prize: Renault Kwid car 0 km plus patent, for Pedro Moyano,

3rd prize: Assistive Citron Berlingo 0 km plus patent, for Ricardo Aballaya

4th prize: a useful Citron Berlingo vehicle 0 km more patents, for Ral Arias

5 awards: in the fridge with No Frost 328 liters freezer for Zacaras Andrada Caballero

6 awards: Air conditioner 3200 W for Maximiliano Andrs Prieto

7 awards: a kitchen with 6 gas burners for David Ral Bustos

8 awards: all in one PC for Vctor Borts,

9 awards: a dishwasher for Ricarda Julia Oliver

In the case of the Christian Solidarity War that matched December, the victorious institution was Antártida Argentina School of the Church Department, which became a computer user in one and the same projector.

(Source: photography and text Press government of San Juan)

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