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The story of a 22-year-old who thanks him for being alive on his Apple Watch

When he bought his new Apple Watch, he did not even think he would be grateful forever. That is the case Jorge Cox, A 22-year-old boy who he found that his heart rate was very fast thanks to the device used on the wrist.

The clock found that the student had heartbeats 130 a beep in the minute at rest, so he thought he was not succeeding Apple Watch.

He thought it was because of the large amount of coffee he was consuming because of university studies, but the diagnosis was soon to come.

The twenty-two year old interviewed British media in his interview that all this product was a chance, because when he was preparing for tonzilectomy, her sister asked if she had heart disease.

"I just mentioned it in the passage of my sister"said the young man who came to the Royal Oldham hospital in November 2018 Diagnosed with aortic insufficiency.

"Basically Apple Watch tells you if the heart rate has increased, but it happened when I was lying or watching television, which is unusual, "he told reporters Mirror.

Jorge said his discovery of his condition was scared of life and he did not want it to anyone. In May, he entered the five-hour open-air surgery operating room.

It was shown that the lack of aorta was a condition he had since birth, not knowing it.

Since September 2018 she noticed her lesson's notices, but she thought it was the symptoms of school-based stress she lived. Jorge decided to reduce the amount of caffeine he consumed and believed his fatigue was normal.

But now that he continues to recover from surgery, Cox believes it feels 50% more energy than before. And fatigue was one of the symptoms that did not pay attention, if not the diagnosis after the release of Apple Watch. Jorge believes that if it was not so, I could "fall dead" any time

"I feel very blessed, thank you God bought Apple Watch; It would be a deadly trap if I did not have it, "said the 22-year-old.

The doctors explained that his condition was similar to a congenital defect and that he had great luck to be diagnosed. A young man living in Oldham, Manchester, said he now respects technology.

"I've always loved Apple products, but now I'm doing a lot more, I'm grateful to a nurse who has made room to check me properly, and I owe my life to her," she said. Daily Mail a young man who is also a singer and who is keen on returning to the stage with renewed energy.

It was in November 2016 when Jorge Cox bought his first Apple Watch through funding and in January this year, he renewed it for generation 4. From surgery, heartbeats returned to normal.

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