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The Story of Patronata's Hero: Sebastian Bertoli was the "Prophet of His Country" – Paraná

"It was my last game, after 16 years of work and putting it on my shield every day when I was empty, I gave it all and went with the mental peace to leave it in the First."
Thus Sebastián Bértoli ceased to be the longest player of the First (born 41 October 16, 1977) and gave Cristiano Lucchetti, another goalkeeper, in this case Atlético de Tucumán, born on 26 June 1978. Adrián Bastía (December 20, 1978 .), playing in Colonia, is the oldest player in the field.

The 41-year-old unobtrusive shooter left the club with which he played 16 consecutive years in top flight and retired. There he played 564 matches from the local Paraná League, going through Federals (A and B), National B and First A. And, like the big ones, he cried in his forgiveness.

Brattoli confirmed his retirement with Patronato in First: He Forgiven in Court

In all categories

Since Brattoli came to the Patronage in 2003, he has gone through all the categories of Argentine football, something a little football player can show.
From the Paranaense Football League to the AFA Super League, the janitor has gone through all the divisions, many of them no longer exist. In the middle of a successful performance, several regional tournaments were held, Argentine B, Argentine A, B National and other competitions.

Brattoli has always been an important player in the 2008 team that grew up in the former Argentine A tournament as well as in 2015 when he reached the elite Argentine football.
In all these years there was a goalkeeping turnaround formed at the University of Paraná, there were also two who were in the Patronato fan rope, both of which had links to shortcuts.

Penalty reminders

The first of them, in June 2012, when Alejandro Chori Domínguez was held in the last few minutes. On that day Patronato won the river 1 at 0, when Núñez passed through National B.
Still here on time, December 6, 2015, he stopped the decisive punishment by which Rojinegro won the promotion in the First Division of Argentine Football.

Unforgettable memories

"An athlete, Patron Archer, was elected as the city councilor of Paraná." Thus, Sebastián Bértoli defines in the "biography" & # 39; your Twitter account.
One of his most desperate ventures was his 38 years, when he became a great hero of the Entre Ríos team.
He blocked the sentence in the definition for another promotion against Santamarina de Tandil and his team went to the top spot.

Brattoli became a hero

In that glorious night, Bertoli had to celebrate twice. In addition to the triumph in the election, it gave him the greatest joy in the history of the club with 101 years of history. "You can be a prophet in your country," he said.
Bertoli is not only the protector of Parana. Recently, he entered the world of politics and the town councilor of the Front for Victory.

The most veteran who will debut in First

A thousand battlefield fighter. Sebastian Bertoli built a race on which the first division looked like a chime. Born in Paran, Entre Ríos, on October 16, 1977, he debuted at Universitario de Paraná in 1996. He was 19 years old.
In the following season he defended the goal of Unión de Crespo, Argentine Tournament B. Then he brought his seal to Don Bosco and the Villa Libertador San Martín University. In 2001 he signed a contract for Atlético Paran, where he won two provincial champions. The following year he played his only season outside of Entre Ríos, defending the goal of Germinal de Rawson, Chubut.

However, his career in Bretholijeva changed in 2003. Argentine Tournament B. The defense of the red and black goal has built a campaign that lasts for fifteen years. At that time he was a fundamental participant of three historic promotions. First Argentine A (2008), then National B (2010), finally, 2015, the first Argentine football division.
The first performance was held on February 6, 2016. In the afternoon hours at Prebístero Grella, Patronato and San Lorenzo equalized 1: 1 veteran in the first league.

Captain's withdrawal

"It's been a lot of work, effort, and restlessness because I've left everything and I'm retiring, I go with the team at First," he said this afternoon when he was forgiven for football in the middle of the ovation in the Patronato field.

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