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The US decided to keep the interest rate unchanged and release Argentina – 30.01.2015

On Wednesday, Washington, DC, Jerome Powell announced that the Fed (the Central Bank of the United States) decided to keep the benchmark interest rate unchanged.around 2.5%, This is a positive fact for Argentina, taking into account the need for funding that must cover its deficit in public accounts. and also because it prevents the capital from being forced into US Treasury bonds.

After the Fed confirmed its obligation to increase tax in December, Powell noticed thatthe script is no longer the same. "World economic growth has slowed down, closing the government will have negative impact on GDP this quarter and financial conditions deteriorated "were the reasons the US official did not raise rates.

In addition, the entity president also commented that Fed saw certain "conflicts and contradictions" in global economic growth. Among those clashes, he stressed tensions in US trade negotiations Brexit (exit from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) and closure (the closure of the United States government).

Asked if the next decision would be to raise or lower prices, Powell said "this will only depend on the economic results. We do not make a judgment, that is not a priority. We will wait patiently and allow the economic results to be clarified, he said.

At the end of the press conference the journalist asked Powell to feel it Trump pressures or the market to stop rising rates. He replied, "My only motivation makes the right thing for the economy and the Americans. The situation requires patience. We see the scenario with insecurity and face the moment we have the luxury to wait. "

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