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The woman says she has developed an allergy to water after birth

Cherelle Farrugia, 26, was a mother 18 months ago. What should be a very happy stage of his life marked a less positive fact: after birth, developed an allergy to water to her daughter Willow.

The woman claims her condition, formally known as acute urticaria, started after his daughter's delivery, before that he had no skin problems. As he describes, when he comes into contact with water, his body begins to grow.

"That's pretty painful and I'm really sorry, I have a painful feeling and then a rash appears, "said the Farrugia channel Barcroft TVHowever, the woman said she did not have the same reaction when she was drinking water. According to her, I would not introduce this kind of hive.

The British Genetics and Disease Information Center, which is not very common, defines water urticaria as a strange condition with itching (bee). immediately after the skin comes into contact with water, regardless of its temperature.

This is one of the forms of physical urticaria where skin lesions are the result of stimulation or physical changes in the environment. This is more common in women and the symptoms often begin around the beginning of puberty. They usually appear as curtains in contact with water (bath, shower or sea), sweat or melted snow.

The exact cause of this urticaria is not yet known. In fact, according to 2011 study reports, the situation is so weird less than 100 cases have been published in the entire medical literatureDue to the rare condition, there is very little data on the effectiveness of available treatments such as antihistamines, creams and ultraviolet light therapy, among other options.

In the case of Farrugia, rash appears on the shoulders, abdomen, back, neck and, sometimes, on the face. Initially, doctors had problems with determining their condition and believed that their skin problems were caused by tissue soap or towel. "I was very angry and I thought no one would understand me seriously"He complained." Finally, an allergologist was diagnosed with acupuncture urticaria.

Physicians who treat her believe in it was their hormone change after birth what could have triggered the condition. He had to give up one of his favorite parties, swimming.

To avoid complications, limit the time in contact with water. "Usually, In the morning I get wet because I leave it so I can sleep and be disturbed while the reactions take placeHe said.

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