Monday , May 17 2021

The woman was given an allergy to the donor of the lungs

A woman from California, United States, has received it lung transplantation to heal my emphysem and everything was fine. But the day before the delivery of the discharge began to feel bad: it had weight in the chest and hard breathing. The doctors were unable to determine what was happening, until he mentioned that he ate peanut butter sandwiches.

Although 68 years of age never happened to him, experts suspected that this might be allergy. But if he did not have a background, why could that happen? The doctors contacted the transplantation agency and confirmed that: The donor, the 22-year-old boy, was allergic to peanuts.

According to a case report in the scientific journal Transplantation Proceedings, this is something very rare only four or five cases are known where the patients who received the body also received an anaphylactic shock peanut allergy.

According to the experience of this woman, whose identity remained reserved, subsequent evaluations did not only point to it I was allergic to peanuts, but also to almonds, Indian walnuts, coconuts and hazelnutsIn any case, doctors said that they would continue studying to determine if this intolerance diminished.

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