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The young man was beaten to death at a secret party in the Hudson: there is a detainee

Gonzalo was 23 years old (Facebook)
Gonzalo was 23 years old (Facebook)

A 23-year-old man, who was beaten after attending a secret party in the town of Hudson in Buenos Aires, the Berazategui party, died after dying a week later. A 21-year-old man surrendered due to violent aggression.

The victim was identified as Gonzalo Gabriel Rivadero, a native of the area, who finally lost his life last Saturday after suffering several blows to the body and head after a fight with another young man identified as Marcelo Nahuel.

Sources of investigation provided Infobae what Prosecutor Daniel Ichazo, in charge of the investigation, managed to identify the suspect thanks to the testimony of two witnesses.

According to judicial sources, the victim and the alleged perpetrator Telam,, participated in a secret party at dawn on January 3rd on a property located at 64 and 157 streets of that city in the south of the suburbs of Buenos Aires. According to a witness report, The dispute would begin after the aggressor recognized Rivader as the nephew of a man with whom he would be in conflict.

The witness stated that the aggressor got into a fight before the party started. Towards the end, he runs into Rivadero and asks him, “Are you Pinin’s nephew?”, A man from the area.

Rivadero, according to the statement, answer yes. That’s where the punches start.

Victim tortured for a week (Facebook)
Victim tortured for a week (Facebook)

The researchers claimed that lThe fight took place outside the premises and only two young people took part. As a result of serious injuries, the victim was transferred to del Cruce Hospital, in Florencio Varela, where she died last Saturday. According to the preliminary autopsy result, Rivader’s body had severe head trauma and several blows to the body. For now, Researchers expect the result of another complementary expertise to determine if it is affected by any vital organ.

Indebted investigation of the fact plaintiff Daniel Ichazo, from the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 1 from Berazategui, which classified the file as simple murder in competition with minor injuries, since the young woman was beaten during the intervention at the time of the attack. After a series of raids ordered by the prosecution, yesterday in the morning Nahuel surrendered to Berazategui’s official defender.

Judicial spokespersons indicated this the young man, without criminal records, refused to testify, so the prosecutor requested formal detention To the Guarantee Court 7, in charge of Alejandro Moru, which upheld it.

“Black from the heart, I can’t believe there are no words to describe the pain I feel. Everything was so fast that I still hadn’t fallen! These parties after more than 4 years that we did not all spend as a family, you came to spend with us as when we were children with a long table. Grandparents, cousins, all together; At the time of the toast we hugged tightly and I told you that despite the struggles we had, how much I loved you and you started crying, you came to forgive, black! What idiots we were, we fought for so long without talking about shit”, Flor, a relative of the beaten young man to death, fired him via social media.

Rivader was beaten by a 21-year-old (Facebook)
Rivader was beaten by a 21-year-old (Facebook)

Since the beginning of the restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, this type of illegal festivities was common throughout the country and is emphasized with the beginning of the holidays in the current summer season.

A few days ago at dawn and after a call to 911, The staff of the patrol command in the city of Mar del Plata managed to dismantle the secret party in the area of ​​Punta Mogotes, and according to judicial sources, it is estimated that there were more than 500 people.

A massive encounter took place at the intersection of Racedo and Avenida de los Trabajadores and there arrived the first patrol car which, seeing the size of the party, requested reinforcements to prevent them from escaping and so that it could take the data of the participants.

In the zone Many vehicles were parked on the wrong side and on the sidewalk of other houses. It all culminated around 5 p.m., when police, after notifying those present for non-compliance with Article 205 of the National Penal Code, allowed the youth to leave the place.

It should be borne in mind that Article 205 says that “there will be suppressed by imprisonment for six months to two years, in violation of measures taken by the competent authorities, to prevent the introduction or spread of an epidemic ”.

On New Year’s Eve rugby players Lucio and Felipe Cozzi They were arrested by Buenos Aires police, accused of brutally beating Felipe Di Francesco in a secret party that took place a few days earlier in Claromecó. After the beating Felipe was transferred to the medical center in Claromecó and later to the Hispano Clinic. As a result of the beatings, the young man suffered a double fracture of the septum, four broken teeth, a cut on his face, and a trauma to his left eye that could impair his vision.

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