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There must not be any bad applause for this Vuk who knew how to live up to his people

The final sadness is understandable, but he played the right way. Now you have no time to complain and you should prepare as much as possible the other, differently, ahead of the hurricane

There must not be any bad applause for this Vuk who knew how to live up to his people

Defender Matías Melluso crossed before the attack on Marco Ruben / Gonzalo Calvelo

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It is far from being dreamed of Friday's pond that is still returning to our town on Friday. The end of the good game played by Gymnastics brought only bats to fans who believed they could win without hitting the white spot that even scares the bravest.

The central was awarded a great prize, I would say huge. Trill's team was worthy of beginning to end. Focused, supported and ambitious, in his capabilities, he went ahead of him. He got, he ran, he achieved and he even managed to build a big goal counterattack. Maximiliano Comba, Santiago Silva, Víctor Ayala, Lorenzo Faravelli and Manuel Guanini were high points in wrestling.

Illusion was interrupted. The long-awaited night did not end like the "tripero" people dreamed of, but you have to put things deserved. Today, defeated just in the blows from the penalty spot, gymnastics does not deserve bad lashes. He should not listen to embarrassment that increases the pain because he could not withstand the Olympic leap that he so desperately wanted.

This ups and downs were suddenly and worrying at the foot of the mountain chain. This version of "Wolves" must encourage those who live with a certain stress in the struggle for endurance. Playing the way he did before the Rosario Central will keep any fear.

It always takes a good breeze and gymnastics it did not have. Everything costs a lot. That's clear.

You have to follow, not the other

Today after tomorrow, when it is time for him to get a complicated hurricane Gustavo Alfaro, gymnastics should draw strength from where he can, and he will have to play for victory as well as last night. This is another plan, another story, but we have to continue, no others.

Pedro "Wolf" earned more in a regular game, and even without receiving a "rope from the sky" that Troglio claimed at a press conference, he lost. He asked for good education in the bitter moment of reward, and his technical director spoke so much pain as correction. That deserves to be prominent. A little thing? Is irrelevant? No, not at all.

It is also the level of nonsense and intolerance that is breathing daily in our blessed country, which becomes necessary to highlight the exemplary behavior of gymnastics in the role of defeated.

Life goes on and matches, too. Gymnastics got lost. And this dignity deserves to be recognized.

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