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These 10 habits are particularly harmful to your brain by WHO

Any of these common, but damaging, activities can cause premature aging or cause serious damage to our brain.

Probably the most important organ for us, and the one that distinguishes us from other living species, is the brain. As such, the central nervous system is responsible for controlling all the activities of our bodies, and especially from the encephalopathy, we control cognitive abilities as complex as language.

Although the body is important, we usually do not care or care about it. The World Health Organization (WHO) has repeatedly emphasized the importance of health care, especially the care of our brain, So we will show 10 activities that we can often perform to harm this body:

1. I do not get enough sleep

Everyone knows it's necessary to sleep eight hours each day. Failure to do so prevents certain metabolic processes from being carried out properly, such as cell renewal. Insufficient sleep accelerates the death of brain cells in the short term. Also, make a person tired and irritable all the time.

These 10 habits are particularly harmful to your brain by WHO

2. Smoking

Smoking reduces the brain and the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain. In addition, it has been shown to stimulate Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases. It also produces degeneration in the DNA replication process, which causes mutations and carcinogenic cells.


3. Eat too much

Overdosing in the diet causes all the substances that the body does not need to accumulate. This results in accumulation of fat and hardening of the cerebral arteries.


4. Consumption of sugar

Sugar consumption is directly related to the previous item. Sugar ends up affecting the brain reward system, so it acts like a drug and motivates you to overcome. On the other hand, it can cause organ vascular damage and even cause diabetes. It is believed that it also creates deficits in learning, memory, motor activity, and other cognitive functions.


5. Do not have breakfast

Naturally, breakfast provides the necessary nutrients for the beginning of the day. However, just eating the right food will make the brain work properly. Eating or skipping can cause obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, and even convulsions.


6. Do not perform physical activity

No exercise is dangerous for the functioning of your brain. Performing physical activity less than three times a week causes premature aging of the body and greater risk of disease.


7. Stress

Stress causes numerous nervous system reactions that reduce cognitive abilities. It also increases chances of stroke. Therefore, it is better not to put too much stress on it.


8. Pollution

The most important thing about the brain is oxygen. When the body begins to receive toxic substances instead of oxygen, it starts hindering the process of exchange and oxygen transport to cells.


9. Alcohol

Alcohol affects mostly the liver, the nervous system and the heart. This can affect the chemical reactions of the brain as well as the speed of nerve impulse transmission. As if that is not enough, it ends with the killing of neurons and its consumption, because adolescence creates meltdowns in the development of the nervous system.


10. Do not perform mental stimuli

You need to stimulate the brain to improve the reaction time. For that you can try learning new things or doing memory exercises. The idea is to give him something he will often do.


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