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These are the forensics: Odyssey of Humanity, a new creature game of Assassin's Creed

Awards for the 2018 Games He made a real miracle and finally showed us Preci: Odyssey of mankind in its shine. If that does not sound, it's normal, because it's a game released in 2015 and where we have had information since then.

Yet, the game has its importance, from those ancestors: The odyssey of mankind is what a new creator of Assassin's Creed,;Patrice Désilets is, among other games, the father of Assassin's Creed and the trilogy of the time of Prince of Persia. He worked on the game within Ubisoft (Amsterdam 1666), but he was also dismissed, and he fired from Ubisoft for no reason. Of course, according to him.

So he founded his own studio and started working on these precursors: Odyssey of Humanity. A few months ago we could talk to Désilets, who admitted that this year we could not play the title and that, in addition, he would leave when he was fully prepared.

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It seems that this is not the moment yet, but at least we could see it New trailer trailer: Odyssey of mankind in which, finally, we can see the concept of the game a little clearer.

Then we leave you New trailer trailer: Odyssey of mankind directly from The Game Awards 2018. This is a gameplay with the same Désilets which, according to him, was captured last week:

Predicates: Odyssey to humankind is the most ambitious game which will enable us to live different historical periods. And, the game will start in ten million years ago, but we will go ahead in time and we will have to manage the tribe resources to develop in a satisfactory manner.

Of course, it was good after the The Game Award, as Désilets played with GameSpot in the long game of yarns that allows us to see something better about the game:

Survival, management and action, a risky proposition, as the time line will be millions of years. Preci: Odyssey of mankind It will come in 2019, although there is not much startup detail.

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