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They allow Tucuman and already have 8 provinces voting ahead of presidential elections – 01/01/2019

Following the order made by Frente Renovador, Tucumán authorized the governor Peronista Juan Manzur to improve the elections. The decision was pronounced unconstitutional an article by the Magna Carta Provincial, which obliges local elections to be held two months before the end of the mandate, which will be August 25. Near Manzura, they recognized Clarina that they would call for elections in May.

"We will honor the decision," Osvaldo Jaldo, the Vice Governor, briefly said publicly. A date certificate will arrive in February when the schedule is scheduled. In any case, there are now eight provinces that have confirmed elections and voting before the presidential elections,October 27th

Trial in Tucuman presented mass media for authentic reconstruction to prevent national PASOs, convened for August 11th, are held in the same month as the provincial elections, as they happened in 2011 and 2015. They argued that the closeness of the date complicates the "operational capabilities and resources" of political groups.

The Chamber and the Administrative Council, made up of Juan Ricardo Acosta and Horcia Ricardo Castellanos, made a request. They considered that the "no-text" amendment of the Provincial Constitution was "allowed to incorporate a certain deadline for the implementation of local elections".

News has fallen like a can cold water in Change. The ruling coalition has not yet defined a candidate in Tucuman, and if the elections are advanced, it will have even less time to install the chosen one.

"Republican rules have been fired again in Tucuman, which governs those who are only interested in holding power," the deputy and local UCR correspondent responded, José Cano, whoever threatened to hand over the case to the Supreme CourtHe added that "the last day before the court fair and with a judge who was a government official a few weeks ago, the judiciary changes the electoral rules that ruled the province of twelve." It imposes a time schedule that only favors those who run the state. "

Former CEO of Plan Belgrano is one of the candidates for change. In 2015, due to fraud charges, he lost himself from Manzura himself. The former minister also sounds Alfonso Prat Gay and senator Silvia Elíasradicalism, besides Peronista Domingo Amaya, Undersecretary of the Interior.

Manzur, who integrates the space of the Federal PJ together with the mass, has already been sent to the re-election and is at the foot of the war with its predominant and previous, José Alperovich, who wants to compete with Kirchner's space, Unidad Ciudadana. Alperovic was already pictured with Cristine Kirchner.

The other seven provinces that have already defined the progress of local elections are also in the hands of the opposition. It is well known that several others are estimated to follow the same path. Also in the provinces of Providence is analyzed the alternative of separation: those are Juju and Mendoza, held by radicals Gerardo Morales and Alfredo Cornejo, except for Buenos Aires managing it María Eugenia Vidal.

The calendar will open on February 17 and the inside will be open (optional) Pampa, Then the first elections for governors come to Neuquén on March 10. And they are followed by a timetable for elections San Juan, Chubut, Entre Ríos, Santa Fe and Cordoba.

For now, only the Governors of Salte and Formosa – Peronists Juan Manuel Urtubey and Gildo Insfrán– They were convinced they would unite the elections with the citizens. Santacrucena Alicia Kirchner I would also follow that option. While it is a macrista Horacio Rodríguez Larreta evaluates the same position after the legislator has allowed it to determine the date of the convocation.

Santiago del Estero and Corrientes are not elected governors this year, and only local legislators are re-elected in local elections.

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