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They claim the asteroid could hit the Earth for five days

They will ensure that the asteroid will affect the Earth in the coming days. On July 26th our planet could be in danger due to the 2010 PK9 asteroid. The diameter is 260 meters, and NASA considers it "potentially dangerous," transmits The 100 Radio.

The center of the nearby earth objects of the said organism, described in detail that the celestial body moving to space for 40,000 kilometers per hour will approach Earth at 12:04 AM Argentina on that day.

The asteroid will pass 7.4 million kilometers from our planet. It's 18 times the Moon. And while it is far enough not to be scared, NASA thought it was a very short separation and therefore carefully monitored PK9 in 2010.

According to the protocols, NASA considers the asteroid to be dangerous if it is approaching less than 0.05 astronomical units, ie the average distance between the Sun and the Earth.

At this moment there is little concern for the celestial body, though every little change in its path may be alarming.

What is an asteroid?
According to, asteroids are a series of stone or metal objects that circulate around the Sun, mostly in the mainstream, between Mars and Jupiter. Some asteroids, however, have orbit that crosses Saturn, others are closer to the Sun than the Earth. Some have hit our planet. When they enter the atmosphere, they get ill and turn into meteorites. Some even call smaller planets.

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