Sunday , May 16 2021

They discover the remnants of a destroyed planet that shows what the future of Earth will be

The astronomical team led by Christopher Manser of Warwick University in the United Kingdom discovered the remains of a devastated planet that has similar characteristics to Earth. According to a research published on Thursday, the discovery allows us to know the future that could await our world for several billion years.

The body seems to have been found the core of the planet whose bark is torn by the intense gravity of a white dwarf in the orbit, known as the SDSS J1228 + 1040. This is the last star burning all its nuclear energy and is in the final phase of its existence.

So these conditions offer a trail of the planet's destiny when their stars are old, as will happen to Sun. This type of star remains without hydrogen fuel, starts to burn elements such as helium and carbon, and then consume planets this orbit is too close.

"The general consensus is that from 5,000 to 6,000 million years ago, our solar system will be a white dwarf instead of the sun, orbiting Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, outer planets, as well as asteroids and comets." , Manser said in a statement.

Scientists have announced that they have been specifically watching this white dwarf for 15 years. In addition, in the process of identifying the remains Gran Canarias Telescope, Located in Spain, and a new technique for studying the spectrum of radiations from the carnivorous body.

The heavenly body was found 400 light years and is believed to be mainly composed of heavy metals such as iron and nickel, which has helped to survive the complete destruction of its system.

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