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they do not want a gym in their castle

Valencia against GO Pokémon: they do not want a gym in their castle

Pokémon GO celebrating Christmas several events, The Niantic application, which has been recently added Heatran as a new legendary Pokémon in attack, invite players to visit their city and win new Pokémon. Something I do not like in Valencia The Diputación does not want a gym at Corber Castle.

As reported by Las Provincias, The Diputación de Valencia wants to end up with the gym that Pokémon GO places at Corber Castle, a fortress declared a cultural interest. The problem is that this is a historic place for dozens of children in search of Pokémon, which has motivated the past few days. claim archeologist in the area of ​​Provincial Corporations Heritage.

Niantic, the developer of the popular mobile game, encourages this claim take appropriate measures taking into account two goals. The first is none other than to ensure the safety of juveniles to approach the castle because they can fall on the slope of a hill on which this Muslim monument XI is located. century. On the other hand, they also seek to remove the gym preservation of renewal tasks.

Protect the castle and the safety of juveniles

Pokémon GO, a castle in Valencia

Niantic always stands out by choosing symbols for places for gymnasium and Poképaradas in Pokémon GO, as one of the goals of the game is its users and tourism in the city where they are located and to get acquainted with the cultural and monumental heritage of the municipality. The Diputación de Valencia maintains a powerful pulse with Niantic the company will not close the hall so easily.

The same media reported that José Simó, an architect of the provincial institution, contacted the creative company Pokémon GO to request removal of the gym. Through the letter, Simó explained that it was the Corber Castle Heritage Heritage of the Provincial Council and that is currently in ruins and has begun the process of restoration, and so many players visit the monument these remedial tasks are endangered.

According to Niantic's research, "Corberin Castle is the perfect example of a place to visit" and guarantees that "Pokémon GO wants to further enhance the experience of visitors exploring this site."

Niantic's first response prompted the architect to better identify how to launch the application. Besides, they asked official article and photos to be able to confirms that the castle was in the process of reconstruction and check the potential risk for users. Faced with that response, the Diputación de Valencia warned it would take over judicial and administrative measures timely eliminate the gym.

Niantic asks for a document to move the gym

Pokemon GO will allow players to propose new Poképaradas

Once more, Niantic replied that a document needed to validate rehabilitation tasks was needed move the gym to the second place. Additionally, the statement states that Corber Castle is "a perfect example of a place to visit" and always warns players to "be safe and alert, follow local laws, and respect the places they visit". It even claims "Players must be treated like all visitors".

In the same statement, Niantić Seeks Meeting with Mayor Corber, Officer or Principal of the Castle, Gymnastics Hall which has not been eliminated or moved to the second place. While this conflict is coming to an end, the Diputación de Valencia has ensured this they will continue to preserve the safety of children to approach the monument to catch the Pokémon except to protect the castle itself.

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