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They found possible signs of life on Mars chronicle

NASA's rover for curiosity has made a discovery that is now under a thorough study by the Agency. Although the hypothesis of forms of civilization was excluded, NASA found signs of possible life on Mars: they discovered a large amount of methane in the "red planet" air that could cause microorganisms. Methane is a gas that, at least on Earth, creates living things, usually by degradation of organic matter

21 percent of the billions of methane found the rovear Curiosity in the air of Mars, according to The New York Times.

NASA has not yet confirmed its findings and its scientists are still discussing the measurements, which could be repeated in more detail these days. However, in statements by the American newspaper, the scientific project leader for the mission, Ashwin Vasavada, discovered: "Given this surprising result, we reorganized the weekend to carry out a subsequent experiment. "

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