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They mix healthy foods with worthless food

Instagram, a social network that is depicting good times, has more and more weight in the way we eat, nutritionists say. Of course, this does not always mean good nutrition.

Guillermo Omar, licensed in Nutrition and a Professional Chef, has Instagram account (@ nutricion.integral_tuc) with over 40,000 followers. Every day announces recipes with positive messages. Objective: to motivate people to change their habits, to improve the quality of life.

"Every time there are more accounts that publish products, foods, drinks, and show different gastronomy sites and ingredients. a few seconds. Negative that information may not be reliable, "he says.

An expert claims that Instagram has turned into an act of eating, feeding, feeding a virtual spectacle. "The application has enhanced the pleasure of viewing, showing and exposing, and this is the act that only previously attended by those who were present." Now thousands of people can watch what we eat, love, share and comment on. This way of connecting with food adds meaning to eating. It's a show that's more enjoyable when it's shown, when more people are happy with what we eat and share, "she analyzes.

"There are many users who want to eat well." This network offers thousands of healthy recipes, as well as thousands of recipes that are not or are hyper-caloric. The two are circulating the same frequency. This can create contradictory desires on users and affect their eating habits. On the one hand, they promote a desire for healthy eating, and on the other, they want to eat junk food, "says Omar, an advanced psychology student. "Food success is in stimulating, through visual, desire for food. In a vulnerable person, it can create contradictory desires, opposing behavior and, therefore, discomfort," he says.

Can networks be motivating to popularize "good nutrition"? We asked. "There are contradictory information in Instagram, sometimes there is no scientific support, which creates a confused opinion between the healthy and the unhealthy," he replied.

Also nutritionist Lucía Vallejo Trejo He said: "Instagram has an important weight in nutrition but is not a good meal. Mostly, people who do not have nutrition knowledge are preparing recipes that are more related to gastronomic innovations.

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