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They promote a sanitary barrier to stop the yellow fever in the region

Griselda Acuña

Written by Griselda Acuña

The appearance of monkeys killed by a yellow fever in Paraná, Brazil, puts the region on standby. The report was in the municipality of Antonina, about 700 kilometers from Puerto Iguazu. Local authorities have been meeting with neighboring countries to create a sanitary barrier based on vector control, strengthening vaccination, and training for health professionals.

Brazil has for years been one of many countries in America with virus circulation, whose initial symptoms are similar to dense, with the same vector: Aedes aegypti mosquito; What exacerbates the context is the possibility of an infection at the border, given that the disease notification is increasingly spreading to the Brazilian south, to the border with the provinces of northeast Argentina.

Given this situation, a meeting was held on Monday in the Brazilian city of Foz do Iguaço, where experts from Argentina and Paraguay participated with doctors from the host country. But Misiones was the director of Epidemiology, Jorge Gutiérrez. The 170th regular meeting of the Itaipú Salud (Itaipú Health GT) working group was held at the Technological Park Itaipú (PTI). Among the proposals of the Brazilian authorities, the possibility of setting up a situation room in Fozo, namely a triple border healthcare office and the flow of information across countries, was raised.

For its part, the Paraguay Ministry of Health reported on the resolution in an official statement: "Training and strengthening of clinical treatment of patients with yellow fever was another of the projects presented by Brazil. Training will be carried out with the support of the Panamanian Health Organization (PAHO) training of a technical team and later retraining of doctors and health workers in Paraguay.

"The survival of a patient with a yellow fever is linked to the nursing care, so it must be timely and fast," the Paraguay said.
It's a viral disease that can even cause death. It manifests itself with many fever, chills and headaches. In addition, muscle aches, nausea and vomiting may occur. Heavy forms cause bleeding, liver failure, and multiple organ failure.

Meetings in Corrientes

The regional epidemiological context is not favorable. In mid-January, authorities from the State Secretariat for Health met with Corrientes for outbreaks of illness in Brazil. What was exposed at that meeting was also extended to missions, bearing in mind that both provinces are the entry into this very lethal disease.

"We will solve contingency plans in view of the possibility of a yellow fever event, a virus transmitted via mosquito bites, and in the provinces of northeastern Argentina, Misiones and some other places in the Corrientes region. have presence or monkey, as in the case of finding a virus in a person who has not been vaccinated against yellow fever, has a disease, "explained Nation's immunization director, Cristian Biscayart, highlighting the border areas.

"What we are asking is to prepare a case for us to articulate the surveillance of mosquitoes, primates, and early detection of cases in humans," he added.

This Saturday, the key day in Fozo

Day D for yellow fever vaccination in Foz do Iguazu will be on Saturday. Vaccination will take place in all the basic units of the vaccine premises. On a day, children and adults can receive a yellow fever vaccine and update a vaccine card. Yellow fever vaccine is indicated for children aged 9 months and adults up to 59 years. Only one dose guarantees immunity throughout your life. One who has already been vaccinated and has evidence of vaccination does not have to report again. "Population immunization is the most effective way of preventing the disease," said Health Secretary Kátia Yumi Uchimura.

Since last year, municipal health has been integrated into a group for the fight against yellow fever, which consists of three-way border authorities.

Missions and Current strengthen vaccination
Between January 2017 and November 2018, six countries and territories in the US reported confirmed cases of yellow fever: Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Guyana and Peru. During this period, most cases of human and epizootic illnesses registered in the US region have been recorded for several decades.

During the week, the Misiones Public Health Ministry insisted on the importance of vaccination, taking into account that it is free of charge and that no medical order is needed.

In the specific case of Posadas, the Municipality installed a tent on the 9 de Julio Square for those who need a dose every Tuesday and Thursday from 8 to 12 years. Diana Aguilera, responsible for the area of ​​immunization, said: "As far as more than 300 doses are placed in the health center in the square in January, we also answer many questions about the myths that this vaccine has."

On the other hand, in the municipality of Ituzaingó, Corrientes, a vaccination campaign against yellow fever has started.

Juan Fernández of Hospital Ricardo Billinghurst explained to El Territoruu: "We started campaigning in the regional unit VI with police candidates on Monday, carried out control over the card and placed a yellow fever vaccine."

Fernandez said this area was considered high risk, and it was decided that this campaign would take a month. "At a meeting in Corrientes with reference from the Nation, we were told that we considered the risk zone together with Sant Tomé and Virasor. We informed our director and the appropriate meetings were held to begin this campaign as pioneers in this area; will be until February 28th ".

Fernandez also explained that "the idea to vaccinate and tourists who do not have a dose, it is important to work with them," he said.

Finally, he recommended to the whole population that "if they have to travel, they must first get a vaccine," said an expert on infectious diseases from Buenos Aires, people think first about traveling and then vaccination and this has to be vice versa, especially if you go to Brazil , which is one of the most complex areas of the disease.

Finally, he explained that according to the calendar, the vaccine was applied for six months, then reinforcement at 11 years and the age limit is up to 60 years. "It is suggested avoiding vaccination because it can have a negative impact on children under the age of one and people over the age of 60".

Yellow fever is a viral disease that is transmitted by bites of some mosquitoes and can be serious or even cause death because there is no treatment but can be prevented by the use of repellents; Long sleeves, bright colors and uniforms or with mosquito nets and / or air conditioning in the place of accommodation.

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