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Third Party Concern: Let's Carefully Look Out Candidates – 01/01/2019

In the national government and in the province of Buenos Aires everything is getting polarized will mark it as never before the election contest. Mauricio Macri vs. Cristina Kirchner. Or, according to the official booklet of the campaign, "the future" versus "Past."

In that scenario, they warn for now there is not too much space for the wide middle avenue announced by Sergio Massa in 2015. "There was no place before or now," says an interviewee. The government feels comfortable facing it and polarization with Kirhnerism. They assume that Kirchnerism also likes the rival of Macrism, not any other. "We do not ask for it, the offer can not order the election demand, that is the reverse," they repeated to the Cabinet.

However, options in the support unit are multiplied, The Federal Alternatives add candidates with different profiles. In that group, Sergio Massa and Juan Manuel Urtubey are those with the largest potential voters in the polls. "It's like a copy of a trouser shirt: people want the original", a chicane one of the strategist of Mary Eugenie Vidal.

In Cambiemosu they assert that both the leader of the reconstruction of the front and the Governor Salte are, to a greater or lesser extent, different versions with the peronist filter of the two main protagonists of the election. "Massa is more like Cristine and Urtubey is more like Mauricio", razumu.

Alternative peronists are not the only ones who want to pull through the polarization. Media economist José Luis Espert has already decided to play. Until this year, the phenomenon of "libertarians", as they are called by some of their followers, celebrates change, because it seemed inevitably led the right-wing government to the center of the political spectrum.

Now this is the most painful assessment if an economist bites, it will hurt even more Macri than Cristina Kirchner. Another, more adventurous, bet that STEP can work as the first round and that the "few points" that Espert can get over to the changes in the general election, in which the makrión does not lose hope – according to Isonomie's research in the first round of 42 point against 30 former presidents. Unsupported postcard of PRO optimism, which disagrees with what most surveys show.

Espert, in other measurements that relativizes the officiality, adds 5 points. They're done the same numbers as Florencio Randazzo got in legislation 2017 in which Estaban Bullrich beat Cristina Kirchner. Now in Casa Rosada, it is alleged that voters of Cristin's former interior minister would not necessarily vote for the former president if Chivilcoyan's leader did not appear.

More right than Espert, he is pro alliance in Congress. Deputy Alfredo Olmedo, who has held legislative positions 11 years ago and is now integrating intercultural Cambiemos, continues to be an outsider of traditional politics and wants to grow as a local expression of the dedication he has made to Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil. For the time being, it does not understand it seriously in executive power.

The paradox of polarization is that everyone talks about the electoral body divided into less or more three thirds. One hard voice of the Government. Others will vote for Cristina Kirchner in any scenario, and third, independent, will turn to one or the other in the heat of the economy. In Casa Rosadi, of course, insist that Cristina generates more rejection than the president.

"We have to be careful not to be too strict about Massi so we can catch their voters," says one of the election-dedicated election engineers who thinks about how to continue adding their voters to FR's followers. "It's hard because We've already taken all we couldexplains.

Former Minister – with blind confidence in the chances of the ruling party – points out every time he enters the dark room there are only ravioli or milani, There will be no new bid on the menu.

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