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this is desirable before the 2018 model

According to technology experts, it seems appropriate to keep the mobile phone as much as possible, instead of changing to newer models. Find out in this note why.

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Dave Smith, a technology analyst Business insider analyzed the relationship between prices smartphone launched after 2010 in relation to its design and design, and has come to the conclusion that will surprise you

According to Dave Smith, so changing the old cell phone model to the model of the last few years makes sense, your old one smartphone must be "extremely old and has software problems". If not, an expert will keep your old phone "as long as you can",

The first of his arguments is yes Mobile phones They are more expensive than ever. Although it is true that they are the best one so far, the 2018 devices do not justify their cost to Smith.

"apple, as usual, marked the trend last year when he introduced iPhone X, a redesigned smartphone with a high cost of $ 999, "Smith recalled." Previous year, basic price iPhone The company is the latest iPhone 7, amounted to $ 649. "Seeing this, other cell phone makers quickly joined the idea of ​​raising prices. Most good phones cost more than $ 700.

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For that reason it is Dave Smith recommends the stay cellular which you have as much as you can. "The good news about these high prices is that today smartphone They are so good and so powerful that they last for a long time, "said an expert. In fact, cell phones in the last two years are still in very good condition. smartphone stream.

Many people update their model cellular because it detects signs of deterioration. Smith recommends in these cases, change the battery. "Sometimes this may seem like a new phone with slow performance."

They detect the battery life of the cell phone to last longer.

The expert pointed to it today smartphone They are more expensive, but their improvements do not justify their prices. Stay with the models in recent years and eventually change the battery, it would be best to save money and update the phone when you really want it.

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