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Three arrested for San Martin crime counters

The arrests of the suspects, aged 35, 36 and 38, were performed by the San Martín Department staff in collaboration with the Operational Tactical Group and Grupo Halcón during eight proceedings conducted in Ituzaingu and Vicente López where seized with firearm, cash and clothes similar to the one used by criminals at the time of the assassination of Horacio Álvarez (55).

Police investigators are convinced that one of the detainees was the one who served as a car driver in which criminals arrived at the plunder. In the meantime, investigations suspect that one of those who entered the refrigerator and the third is a neighbor of a company employee who would act as a "delivery of a person".

The incident happened last Tuesday at 15.30 in Avimas, located at 3200 Perdriel Street, San Martín, where they arrived. five criminals who came out of the Volkswagen Gol car and entered the dress-up rooms in their employees dressed in white and boots of the same color, with caps and glasses.

After they entered, the thieves threatened employees with firearms, and two of them climbed to the second floor, where the treasury was.

There they found it Alvarez (55), who at that time attracted the money – which had not yet been determined – and had to surrender the plunder before the attacker's line.

At that time, while the perpetrators were at the entrance to the escape room with stolen money, Alvarez took out a firearm from which he was a legitimate carrier and began to shoot the thieves.

Faced with this situation, one of the attackers who were in the trade on one side shot the accountant at the height of his pitbull peg and killed him.

Prosecutor Ernesto Farber intervenes in this case, in charge of the Department of Justice San Martín's Functional Unit of Reference (UFI), which will investigate detainees tomorrow.

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