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Three neighbors and two guards

November 11, 2018 – 11:49
It is unknown at this time, although it originally came to the conclusion that it was a batch of Bromatology. Police Salta and firefighters are still working to find out the cause of the explosion.

Salta and Firefighters are still working to determine the cause of an explosion inside the municipal building on Avenue Bélgica and Paraguay. Five people were injured and there were damage to nearby homes.

Shortly after 1 am in the building of the Municipal Citizens' Center there was an explosion, so police firefighters and members of special units immediately launched an emergency protocol, helping wounded and injured. Neighbors' polls, controlling their health condition and having suffered damage.

Within the building, two men providing their private security services suffered several injuries and taken them to a medical clinic so that two women and a five-year-old child who lived near the area resulted in minor injuries, received medical assistance at the site, and they did not need their transfer to the hospital.

After what happened, there was material damage to the city building and some nearby houses, where the windows and roofs fell. Firefighters and criminology officers are working to find the cause of the explosion.

Although at one point it even went to the official level that the source of the explosion was the jug of GNC's Bromatology Laboratory, it was later rejected because it was untouched. David Leal, General Coordinator for the Prevention and Emergency of the Municipality, confirmed Grandstand that the explosion did not cause the decanter, so firefighters performed the tests and expected to arrive at the conclusion only in the morning.

"Due to the magnitude and shock of the waves, Lole Mora Street residents were affected, we are doing a house for damage assessment, raising reports, and taking action on this issue, thank God for no victims," ​​Leal said.

One of the first officials who were present at this site was Nicolás Avellaneda, the sub-commune of the commercial control of the municipality who was attending Lole Mor, most exposed outside the municipality by explosion, along with the canals of Vélez Sarsfield.

According to the neighbors, this medium that was present a few minutes after the explosion and officials, the losses were material, though there was a great deal of trouble since glass and heavy objects flown. Some also feared breaking because they saw landslides. In any case, for now, evacuation should not be carried out.

"We check property, the explosion was too strong," Leal said.

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