Friday , August 6 2021

TN journalist Sandra Borghi suffered a violent attempt on 9 July robbery

The journalist experienced a violent attempted robbery at the intersection of July 9th and Tucumán Source: Archive

This is a problem that affects many Buenos Aires residents. Yesterday, TN journalist Sandra Borghi became the victim of a new violent episode. After leaving the canal, and as he drove home in the cab, a group of young people interrupted him into the ribs.

As detailed in this news channel, the fact happened when Borghi circled on the 9th de Julio square, between Tucuman and Córdoba. Criminals hid in the square at that intersection waiting to attack the car. "I left the channel at 20, entered the cab, lifted the window and put the wallet under the seat, as I know the country we live in, I take all precautions," the reporter said.

"[Un chico] I opened the door with the level of violence, hit my ribs and started shouting: 'Police! & # 39; When I saw his face. I was two years older than my daughter, not over 13, "she added, very upset.

Borghi explained that a taxi driver came out of the car to make a little boy with some kind of "gloves", but when he dropped, so many young people appeared and threw stones on the vehicle. "When the driver's driver moves away, I look back and start to fall and start falling stones."

Faced with this situation, the driver returns to a car that, according to Borghy, was hit hard by influences, and went to a journalist's house. "I came trembling home, which gives me the most anger, place, how many cars there is, how many people there were, and not a policeman," he said.

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