Sunday , April 11 2021

Toyota extends its grain exchange plan

inclusion wheat As the value of the exchange, Toyota Argentina expands its own Grain Exchange Plan which was launched early this year, making the agricultural producer a second alternative to acquiring any version of the Hilux whore range.

The grain exchange plan consists of the direct exchange of primary products of agricultural origin – soy, corn and wheat – commercial modalities which greatly simplifies the work of producers who directly supply cereals to get some version of Hilux to pick up, The Grain Exchange Plan allows the producer to establish payment facilities with his primary product, avoiding the use of money, which directly affects the simplicity and economic benefit of the customer.

Juan Pablo Grano, General Manager of Marketing and Product of Toyota, said: "The extension of our plan Canje Cereales confirms the commitment of Toyota Argentina to the agricultural sector of our country, providing the manufacturer with a new alternative to its Toyota Hilux."

In order to join the plan, the manufacturer turned to a dealer who will determine the amount of grain needed to purchase the selected vehicle at the price day. The producer will then deliver the cereals to the export agent and receive a vehicle from Toyota Argentina.

The plan is approved concrete economic and financial advantages, besides providing safety for work directly with the support of the Toyota Group through the dealer network. Most of the procedures are performed on the network, which speeds up management time.

entry here, you can get more information via the Toyota dealer network.

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