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Tragedy in Rosario: mother tried to save son and both died of electric shock

The woman and her son died in Rosario after receiving electric shock at home. This happened as a result of the faulty connection that carried electricity on the staircase connecting the young man's room to the ground floor of the house. Mother, Delia Manon64 and his son José Peaglotti of 23, died instantly.

According to the first skills, the young man was executed by power when he placed one foot on the stairs. The mother noticed the situation, tried to save her but came in contact with the part that hit the current and also got a discharge. The event took place in a house on Iriondo Street at 4800, in the southern part of Santa Fecina.

Researchers believe that a tragic episode would happen if it did defective or improper connection He would turn himself off by getting in contact with the wall and the staircase of the house. This happened in the early morning hours on Wednesday, when Rosario was abundant.

The firefighter's call about the situation was around 6 in the morning. Deputy Director of Integrated Sanitary Emergency Systems, Cristian Botari, assured Rosario newspaper La Capital that the house must be fenced so that no one can enter because there is a risk of electric shock.

"When we got to the place with two phones, we discovered that the house was electrified. The father of the family was out of a state of shock and we could not go in to look after the patients "he explained.

At the place where the Santa Fe Police, the Civil Protection and the provincial firm, gave the energetic service to cut the electricity in the house. When the workers of the company managed to stop the service and the police came in, they found the bodies of the victims.

"On the top floor of the house, in one of the rooms, she was a girl in her twenties who could not fall for the riskHe had to go out the window. Some neighbors helped. It was a very disturbing situation, "Botar told about the situation the family had to pass through.

Gonzalo Ratner, Deputy director of civil defense of the municipality, in dialogue with the radio Eight to make this fact "because of the defective connection in the house". "Obviously, one important sector of the house was electrified," he said.

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