Thursday , October 17 2019
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Trio returns from space station Intl

Capsule Soyuz with astronauts from Canada, Russia and the US landed in Kazakhstan stairs on Tuesday morning, less than a minute before schedule, after three and a half hours of flight from a laboratory orbit.

Two astronauts completed their first flights: Anne McClain from the United States and David Saint-Jacques from Canada. Expedition commander Oleg Kononenko from Russia completed his fourth space mission.

All three spent 204 days in the universe.

Americans Nick Hague and Christina Koch and Russian Alexey Ovchinin remain at the space station.

Veteran Kononenko, the first kidnapped from the capsule, looked visibly tired and pale. McClain and Saint-Jacques were more energetic and gave their thumbs to recovery.

The astronauts were put on sunbathing chairs just with the capsule for respite and initial medical examinations.

Asked by a journalist on the spot, if he likes time, Kononenko said he was "happy to see any weather conditions" after spending more than 200 days in the universe.

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