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Unpublished Michael Schumacher Interview: The Key to Success in Formula 1, the Rival Who Respects Him And His Childhood

Five years to health Michael Schumacher That's a real mystery. The family was silent and left the journalists very few details on how the pilot came after a serious accident he had suffered during skiing in the French Alps.

Not long after the 50th birthday (January 3rd) The German athlete's website was an unannounced interview, Isto was recorded on October 30, 2013, a few weeks before the serious injuries he suffered.

In the note, the world's first Formula One champion (two with Benetton and five Ferrari) answers questions asked by fans like questions about his private life, his rivals during his career and childhood,

in schumi, his first title with the Rampant Pony He was special to what he meant for this and for his career. "The biggest emotional championship was undoubtedly in Suzuc 2000 with Ferrari, After 21 years without the Ferrari World Championship and four years for me, and if we did not get it, we finally won the race, the extraordinary race and we won a big championship, "he said.

Finn Mika Häkkinen, who took him from the Crown Champion in 1998 and 1999, was one of the best runners he had in the circuit. "What I most respected these years was Mika Häkkinen, for great battles and a very stable private relationship, "he said.

Teuton also surprised when he was small and did not choose anybody related to motor sports. "When I was a child, I saw Ayrton Senne or Vincenza Sospiria at the time of karting, which I was very much appreciated because he was a good driver, but my real idol was Toni Schumacher because he was a great footballer"he condemned.

"Develop for yourself and taking the steps, you do not just have to look at the car, You have to look at yourself, in other pilots, not just those in front of you, you have to look at everything, so I did it, because everyone has something special that I want to know, "analyzed the five-time champion with Ferrari.

Schumacher also analyzed the changes that F1 experienced since coming to the category: "Formula 1 is very difficult, before there was much more, without power brakes or power steering, comparing those days past with those of the present. But this is still one of the most demanding sports, so you need a lot of preparation. "

"Records are one thing, the doubts I think are very important not to have too much confidence, to be skeptical and to look for improvements and take the next step. I always thought, "I'm not too good, I have to do more", I think it's one of the keys to becoming what I've become, "said the most successful driver of the circuit.

Although a good car is a decisive factor, Schumacher has said that teamwork is the key to success. "Success in any situation in life, at least what I know, has to do with teamwork, You just do what you are doing, as you will be stronger and in the case of Formula 1 it is a team effort, "he concluded.

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