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Valeria Gastaldi and her father, Marcos: "Now it's my turn to follow him"

"My turn to follow him, worry about him and obviously makes me very sensitive, it's very, very, very hard …" says one Valeria Gastaldi excited, opens her heart and is encouraged to say that she lives in the present with her father's illness, Marcos Gastaldi, "He goes through a difficult time, does not record so much, and in that sense is better, but sometimes he shoots, and it's hard for everyone," says the singer.

"Music is healing, it still rescues me, it's my way of expression, I'm very sensitive from a very young age," says Valeria, who will perform July 3 at tangent, in Palermo, again as a soloist, exploiting the band's parade for her mother's motherhood Lissa Vera. "Since 2016, when we started Bandana, okay, we never stop performing the show, "he emphasizes, and predicts that the group will join the show Lizy TaglianiIn the meantime, he continues to compose songs for himself and for others; between them, Carlos Rivera.

From a young teenager, she dreamed that she was an artist and she was supported by her parents in those summertime where she performed works and sang for those she wanted to hear. "My parents did not belong to the art media, they sent me to study, I fell into kasting, I did things." ChiquititasYes I am My family is a drawing, but all for my mom's friends, because my parents did not have access to the TV, "he remembers.

"Then Bandana came in. There my dad was already there Marcela (Tinayrewith whom he was a father Rocco), and I had a terrible episode that was very painful – he recalls, about the television phenomenon that told her to be part of the band after the reality show. I went to the head of 3,400 people; began to reduce the number of competitors until we were ten years old. One day a family comes and my father is accompanied by Marcele with a child. Everyone starts to watch, daughter Mirtha Legrand& # 39; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; He starts running the ball that is a comfortable, terrible thing.

Valeria says production of reality did not want to count on her to avoid what she would say. Therefore, winning places costs twice as much. And that was a very tiring process. "People sometimes think it costs less, but it cost me more, and then I ended up receiving a super-friendly audience."

– You said your parents supported you. And today is your turn to support your dad who is sick.

Yes, that's true. My turn is to follow him, take care of him and obviously make me very sensitive. The person holding you in your hands needs to hug him … It's very, very, very hard. But hey, I'm learning a lot, It touched me, it all touched us. And we're all there, learning.

– It's hard for him. He does not even record it, and in that sense it is better. But sometimes it registers and is hard for everyone. We are trying to keep it as something impermeable because it is very difficult.

– Do you feel that what you live affects a different role of a mother?

"It's terrible, because tomorrow we imagine as a mother, if that happens. It's the law of life, it's more organic for the father to go before the baby, thank you for thatIn my husband's family it happened that the children went to their parents, and there was no consolation. In this case it is the law of life, There is no consolation since my dad is very young and you see someone so vital and you say, "It can not be …"But there is comfort from what has given us much, not only me, but also to many people. I have received messages from many people, many of the messages of solidarity have begun to appear , and the man begins to go through the father's life that has been so many places that he has reached 1% of the media since, while Marcela did not marry, he was not exposed to a person. He had things that showed him, but all that comes to me is gratitude, solidarity, saying, "Your old man helped me".

– Do you live with the family?

-But with Marcel, with his mother Rocco, who is his wife; they are constantly concerned about it. It's very difficult to be in her place, it's very difficult to be in our children's place, in my place. Trying to arrange it all, he said many times: "Wait, wait, I'm your daughter." And my brothers, Everyone carries the pain he canYou have to respect it because it is difficult.

– Do you care about your kids about your grandpa?

– What you say is very deep. My biggest son, Santino, who has been nine years old, lived as his grandfather who was very close to his mother because of me I've always been very close to my fatherAnd then that was what my dad experienced very much because he followed me very much in pregnancy, he was very, very close. Manuel, my four-year-old son, has already met him in this trouble and loves him, takes him for a walk, talks to him; for him it is very normal. For Santina's the worse, it costs him because he's seen the evolution.

– The guys are very wise.

– They have incredible wisdom and sensitivity.

Do you have a refuge in them?

– Yes, completely. I always try to be a mother, she who understands this situation well, I never break it, but They've seen me very sad about all thisAnd that is natural, it is the law of life.

– It's a very cruel disease.

– That's very cruel. And obviously, I try not to influence them, but on the other hand they see reality. He did them better, not worse.

– Are you surprised at what Marcela was talking about this topic?

– I thought it would happen someday. I do not think he even planned it, went out and did it. He did not open the subject too much because none of us like itObviously, in the context of this conversation, deep and super-respect, easier. But I guess he did not want to expose, lives with a very difficult place, I was not surprised She has the right to speak, to talk about things that are happening to her. He did not plan it.

It is good that you are now united as a family.

– These are relationships, you have to be united. Apart from what's normal, what's happening in any family, in long-standing relationships, it's a nice message for people: we need to be united to have a better life, a happier life, to be difficult at this time.

– Yes, I'm fine, I'm excited about it. Even as it happens to sing my songs: I'm so deep that this has happened to me, Singing so deep songs brings you with sensitivity, and when I released the show, I felt very raw to expose myself. But people will enjoy it.

– The public also has this: it is able to keep track of what the artist lives.

That. In my career, with all the things that happened to me, which were numerous, I always felt very attentive, Respect, love before the difficult things we lived as a family, I lived. I always felt accompanied.

– Motherhood in the artist, how did she influence it?

For good. Girls always laugh and say, "What did you do with your kids?" Because I worked physically very well, neither spoke psychically nor spiritually. I think almost all women have children that are very good for us. They are an impulse.

– But do you allow a certain contradiction? At one point you look at them and say, "Why are you doing this to me, Santino?"

This is happening to all of us. The way we educate them and lead them is very beautiful. but also when you say things for the tenth time, and you say, "Please!"

– There's a scream at Valeria Gastalda's house.

– No, I do not like it. It is true that I do not like it. Yes, a little buckle, like "Enough!"

– Is your mom in Uruguay?

"My mom was long ago in Uruguay that she came here to spend a few months here, so I'm happy because my grandma is back. Above that I do a lot of juggling; to be here, it's easier.

– Is your relationship with your mother good?

– Yes, it's very good. He also taught me many beautiful things. Both were very good dads, and they are very good dads, My mother, today is very proactive with my children, she is so generous with them … She was a very good mother, but with them it is the best version.

"And Marcela, as a grandmother, was also present?"

– I mean with your granddaughters to. With the children is divine: a thousand times gave them gifts. In recent years we have not been so close, but with his grandchildren he is like my mother.

– You and Nacho are not your kids' paddies?

The assembly did not reach that point in the family.

"I did not come because my dad and Marcela changed the moments. our children, we remain on the margins; Then there was no gathering there. For a moment, yes, but I see her as my mother with her children: they are very proactive grandmothers and they care a lot. Marcela cares much about Juan's children. It is divine: it takes them back and forth, just like my mom.

– If all this goes through, do not you need professional support?

"No, we have recommended everybody to go to therapies related to my father's illness, but for the time being, we've been managing him with love, family love. Therapist I had many years, that is layer, a terrible person, taught me a lot and gave me a lot of walking tools. From time to time he calls me: "How are you doing?" And we talk to the phone. He gave me the tools to walk firmly.

– Did you talk to your dad, do you use it when you can?

– And … you can talk. Little momentsBut a lot of companies. I take a lot of money to my house, we go to a doctor, but with that company, that's a lot.

– I did not sang so much, and he loved listening to me, so what you are saying is fine. I want to take him there on July 3rd to La Tangente. I wanted to take him to Niceto in December, which we did with Bandana, but people stopped and exploited it; the bandwidth is pure energy. I love it, it is me, too Now that I'm Valeria Gastaldi, I want to take her to La Tangente because it is a quieter place. This is a very nice place, except that it is prestigious, playing many bands, many artists, the place is nice, it's peaceful. So I can sit a little.

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