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Victim in Bariloche: would be armed with the arsenal and considered it "extremely dangerous" – 31.01.2019.

"Extremely dangerous" and probably armed. Thus, justice is defined by Mariana Cordy, a murderer of Valeria Coppe, a woman who was shot dead on Tuesday from the cathedral in Bariloche in an area tortured by tourists.

More dozens of policemen from Rio Negra and Gendarmerie, with help dogs and dwarves, they follow a trace, but with many precautions because man can handle it a real arsenal.

According to what you could find out bugle, the investigators are confident that Cordi is armed with two or three weapons, among them is caliber 22 who used to crush his ex-partner, knives, even perhaps domestic bombs.

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Yesterday, police officer Rionegrina reviewed his house in the neighborhood of El Frutillar and found the surprise of the worthy Rambo movieIn the vicinity, they found bombs like those used by eastern soldiers in Vietnam and divisions in North America. The agents had to invite experts from the Department of Explosives for suspicion of having more items that could end their lives.

Cordi is not alone weapon fan but also dedicate your construction time to the solitude of their home. He also showed that a man has serious drug addiction problems, a combination that makes him an "extremely dangerous" person, as defined by lawyer Betiana Cendón on Thursday. The man had two cases of ill-treatment and illegal possession of weapons, but both were dismissed.

"There were domestic weapons in your home, traps, we're talking about an extremely dangerous person. There's a chance you're armed. I'm looking for co-operation, but also cautionThe prosecutor said FM 93.7 Police have already begun to define Cordi as some kind of Patagonian "Ramba" and "crazy for war" that could attack its persecutors or even neighbors who want to identify it.

Cordi was a couple of months with Coppom. On Tuesday they found themselves in the gardens of the cathedral in Bariloche, a region very popular among tourists. "The guy directly killed her, told her to kill her," she told the woman's mother, where they argued and shot her in the head, Coppa, the mother of two children, was taken to the hospital and died. "Cordi, the suspect's main suspect, told a group of relatives.

Police of Rio Negro, National Gendarmerie and Airports police guard the city "closed" for anyone who does not carry their personal documents, so provincial authorities estimate that remains in this cordilleran place.

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Researchers assume that Cordi has Completed knowledge districts far from the center of Bariloche and I would run along the vast boundary area that divides the city from the fields and the mountainous area.

This Thursday at dawn the police searched for some real estate in Dina Huapi, 24 kilometers from Bariloche but with no results. The process is continuing at the moment in the rural area about 7 kilometers from a tourist town where rush and dumper dogs are used.

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