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Vidal on Carrie's words about the new prototype of weapons: "I disagree with her"

December 7, 2018

The provincial governor of Buenos Aires explained why he did not comply with the new regulation and convinced that "internal disagreement did not weaken Macri."

After crossword statements about the new one protocol for the use of firearms On behalf of the security forces prepared by Minister Patricia Bullrich, Governor of Buenos Aires María Eugenia Vidal celebrated the "internal democracy " within the change.

"I do not agree with Lilita Carrió ", Vidal said of the criticism of the deputy of the new protocol and celebrated "the inner democracy that the president gives in his own political space ".

Besides, Vidal justified non-compliance with the protocol in their territory when he explained that "in the case of the province of Buenos Aires There is already a law in force since 2006, which clearly defines how the police should act in the use of firearms, with a decree very similar to what Bullrich has just done. "

Anyway, the governor pointed out general consensus of changes in this topic: "Minister Bullrich, President (Mauricio Macri), Minister (Cristian) Ritondo, and I agree with the team that we must all give the police the power to enforce the law."

In the fight against insecurity in the province Vidal said: "The number of complaints has risen by 60%. We do not want to hide anything. When we arrived, there were cops who never fired or wore the vest. The key is not only to get the one who does bad, but to give it a a clear message to one who works well".

Finally, said the governor Carrio "You have the right to give your opinion". and how good can Macri express any disagreement, even face to face. "The president is a very accessible person, if Carrió wants to talk to him, he just has to call him. Always open your agenda to receive us"Said the governor.

"Deep down, in the values, the president and I always agree. I've been working with him for 16 years now ", closed Vidal after assuring him he would not run for president.

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