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Warning of strong storms for the center and north of Cordoba

After the early morning with heavy rain in various parts of the province, the National Weather Service was alerted this morning because of the severe storms to the center and north of Cordoba.

  • Special channel: time in Cordoba and the country
  • Warning. This is due to the strong storms of the center and north of Cordoba. Storms are expected locally strong, accompanied by intense bumps, falling strikes, strong electric activity, and abundant water drops in short periods. This also applies to Buenos Aires, east of Catamarca, the center and south of Entre Ríos, the center and east of La Rioja, east of San Juan, north of San Luis, center and south of Santa Fe, south of Santiago del Estero.

In the meantime, a short-term warning of heavy rain storms prevailed in the center of the central province was abolished.

For this Wednesday, up to 32 degrees is expected.

Because of the intense rainfall, the rivers rose and shed the guts in the interior of Cordoba. Meanwhile, part of Costaner Street in the capital has been cut off.

  • North Coast. The shortfall affects the bridges of Avellaneda, Santa Fe, Sarmiento and September 24.
  • The south shore. Courts at Avellaneda and Santa Fe Bridges.


  • Thursday. Temperatures between 20 and 33 degrees with obesity.
  • Friday. At least 19 degrees, and at most 26. Isolated storms.
  • Saturday. Precipitation during the day. They announce at least 18 degrees and a maximum of 22 degrees.

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