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"We can't talk about it …" Natalie Pérez revealed the reasons for her separation!

The actress had to quell her six-year-old love affair.

Natalie Pérez met Ramire Gayos a few years ago when she was just a teenager, so they went to school together. Over time, they took root and managed to live through six years of great love, however, time wreaked havoc on destruction until it reached a turning point. The actress was tasked with breaking the relationship and choosing the best one for both.

"It was a process, we got along badly and decided to split up. We were together for six years. Fortunately, we get along really well now," said the famous actress, who was very affected by separation in the early days. Not only the separation, but everyone plans she envisioned with her boyfriend Ramir, such as motherhood.

"I don't know the exact reason. I woke up one day, it was 8.30 in the morning and we were arguing. And I said to myself, 'We can't argue at this point.' "I had to go to work upstairs, it seemed like a lot. I left," said Susana Giménez, an actress in the living room.

On the other hand, the actress revealed that she is now relying on her pet so she can forget so much sadness. "That's my life. It's a giant poodle called rope, and we make colecho. They are wonderful: they do not talk about you, they receive you with love, they give you fun when they see you, it is madness, ”he said and touched everything because of the relationship he forges with a small animal.

On the other hand, he also mentioned that he was helped by his hard work and energy focused on another area. The premiere of "Little Victoria" forced him to raise his profile and go through television programs that tell this amazing story starring Julieta Díaz, Inés Estévez and Mariana Genesio Peña. On September 28, he prepares a music show in Vorterix in which I will present "Un lip tea please"

In other interviews, he explained that he refused to fall in love again. "I don't even fart! I come from a six-year relationship. It's a long time. Also, the more you want to find love, the less it comes. Then you have to let it go and distract it, because when you're in the other, it happens," he explained. clarifying that he did not want to get another boyfriend in the coming times.

He also said he still has a hard time letting Ramir down. "That. I feel that he is the love of my life. He is an old friend of mine, we met at school and now I don't even think about it, "he admitted talented vocalist touching everyone with his unexpected statement. Time will tell if the separation is final, or there is still hope that he will reconstruct history with his ex-boyfriend.

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