Thursday , May 6 2021

"We have the same desire": the message Mauricia Macri for the New Year

President Mauricio Macri welcomed in 2019 a message he published on social media titled "We have the same wish".

"I wanted to welcome you at this moment to share the joy with which the year begins, I hope to celebrate the love of the people you love the most, or that they are alive in your memory and in your heart." "said the head of state.

And completed: "I know that you and I have the same desire for this coming year: to overcome the challenges that come (whatever it is), to be better every day, to stay united, I have the unbeatable security to achieve that.".

Earlier, the head of government Marcos Peña Governor of Buenos Aires María Eugenia Vidal They did the same thing.

Peña dismissed it in 2018 ("what year", limited to the presentation without a detailed description of the difficulties the government had to face) and welcomed it by 2019 ("I'm convinced it will be a much better year").

In his message thanked the head of staff "Endurance, Hard-Time Support, Alert and Criticism with Good Milk to Improve", Special mention was "Luciana (his wife), boy, family, friends, companions, each of those who welcome and follow from this place."

As for 2018, he said, "I believe that everything we live has made us grow, made us stronger and has made us twice as hard to work hard to bring this country forward."

He continued: "I am convinced that 2019 will be a much better year, that we will move forward and ratify the path of change we have started together three years ago."

Closure with a personal desire. "For the rest: love, health, happiness, joy for each of you in this new year."

For its part, Vidal wished Buenos Aires residents a happy new year. "I know they have not been easy months, but we are struggling for progress and we will continue to fight for the transformation of the province we want," he said. He added: "I sincerely hope you have a happy new year surrounded by the people you love most and I hope you can fulfill everything you propose."

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