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What Celine Dion said about her relationship with Pepe Muoto

Some time ago Celine Dion was associated with Spanish dancer Pepe Muoto, who came to call his new boyfriend, and although a small-scale artist in the past said that the relationship he maintained with his only friendship, as well as a professional relationship, had recently interpreted him who broke the silence and dared talk about it.

"He is one of the people in my life and not the man of my life, we were first friends and then we evolved, but we do not have to mix things," Celine said, whose husband, Ren Angelli, died three years ago. During the interview with British newspaper The Sun, singer My Heart Will Go On for the first time talked about the subject.

"I do not care if they say he's my boyfriend, because he's handsome and he's my best friend, but when I say that I'm alone, please allow me to be quiet." Of course we hugged and held each other's hands, we were friends and people. go, "he said.

While dancing, I told La Opinin de Mlagi how I met her today as her great friend: it all started when her friend started working as a chef and a batler in a Canadian home. Eight months ago, Matthie called me by saying La Celine wanted a dancer. A month later I was in Las Vegas doing a test. And the rest is history.

Celine Dion I had a sentimental break while enjoying the last Valentine show and no one knew what to do or how to help her. The famous singer sat in the first place in the presentation of the new collection under the genius of Pier Paola Picccioli for the renowned fashion brand, when she suddenly began to cry. Reason? A tragic memory of her husband's death.

According to Vanity Fair, in the middle of the show, I started playing for the first time ever seeing your face, the classic Robert Flack from the decade of the seventies. in Continents the song has a special meaning because she was at her wedding and it was the first song she danced with her late wife, Ren Angelile.

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