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Who is Juan José Cáceres, a racing young man who finished ananas with Centurión

Other times: Juan José Cáceres, when he had a good relationship with Centurión

A new scandal

Ricardo Centurión

Racismo had one of the main stars: Juan José Cáceres, one of the Academy's promises that also trains with the reserve list headed by Juan Ramón Fleit.

Who is Cáceres? The main curiosity is that he is one of the best relationships with Centurión in these two months, since the controversial and skillful player was separated from the team dedicated to SuperLiga DT.

Eduardo Coudet.

Juan José, 18, is quick, with good ball handling and is currently being replaced as a midfielder or on the side, always on the right. The weight is 62 kilograms and measures 1.73 million, according to the entity form.

Born on the island of Maciel, he grew up in Avellaneda and was named "El Paragua" because his family was originally from Paraguay. He made a lower division at the Boca club, where he played as an attacker or assailant. He stayed there for eight years, until he was free, and arrived at Racing in the early 2017.

Despite a good relationship between them, this Thursday was a little shaky: in the dressing room they had a strong discussion,
They grabbed pineapple and the two of them were injured. Pretty Curiosity: February 22 – After Coudet was detached from the team – Ricky arrived late to training at the Reserve and a few hours later he could see the Night Photography at Instagram where he was with seven people. In that group was Cáceres, who was recommended to flee from the Centurion. People from the club talked to him, and his girlfriend joined her more energetically. In the last class of reserves against Independiente, Juan José was sent to the bank. It looked like a punishment for one of those exits with exnuroperm 10 First.

Transcenders collide. One of the versions suggests that the young man would test the attacker with a few practical jokes after Centurion did not come to training in good condition, which would cause the fight. On the other hand, they assure that the boy, with a strong character and personality, would not tolerate a few excuses and provocations, and that was all that he drove away.

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Lisandro López

and until recently he had Gustava Bou as a reference, for the time being "famous" for an additional sporting event.

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