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Wild story: what kind of punishment will be imposed on a taxi driver attacking a driver in Villu Urquiza

Friday morning, April 5, at 10 am, Fabio Rojas The taxi driver cursed him at the intersection of Avenida Triunvirato and La Pampa, the street where they both circled. Two blocks later, in a corner, verbal discussion turned into physical and material aggression. The taxi driver climbed the Chevrolet Corse hood, broken the windshield and hit him; The driver came out, hit him at the rear window of a taxi to promote a fist fight. Before he fled from Malvina fighters, he retired and caused a deliberate fall with the one who destroyed the back of his car and the front of the other person. This incident with road violence was recorded by a merchant from the neighborhood of Ville Urquiza and quickly raised in virtuous proportions and bitterness.

Infobae He talked to the owner of a car. "I've watched the video five times and I think he was trying to kill me … When you back up … I appreciate being alive, he really hurt me how he left my car, but I appreciate nothing happened to me, I take part of guilt and walk in in a dispute that he had broken his car, but what he did was defending my vehicle and also my son who was traveling with me, "he concluded. He filed a complaint and told the police about the taxi driver: he said he was a tall, big man, about 40 years old.

The taxi driver is not the vehicle owner, the Volkswagen Voyage. Her owner is María Lucila Balton and four drivers who are connected to the car. This media wanted to contact Baltona to find out the identity and their versions of the event: they got disapproval in communication. According to police sources, They still did not know the name of the taxi driverThey work with security cameras in the area to determine the identity of the aggressor.

The Traffic Ministry's Secretariat has informed that an improper driver can not return to the taxi until the Court makes a decision on his guilt: Once discovered, they will preventively suspend their professional paternity license, It is the same determination that the authorities in Buenos Aires do in similar cases such as Uber Chase. They warned that they would contact the prosecution on Monday to be available if they require evidence or binding information.

Dr. Norberto Briotto, in charge of the Contraventional and Mistake 2nd Prosecutor's Office, requested the initiation of an ex officio prosecution Articles 89 and 183 of the Criminal Code before receiving victim's report and photographing the damaged vehicle. Official sources reported that the cause of karatulada was due to injuries and damage. In section "Crimes against persons" Article 89 deals with injuries: "The sentence shall be pronounced for a period of one month to one year and the other shall cause damage to the body or to health other than those provided for in another provision of this Code."Article 183 deals with the damage:"It will be suppressed by a fifteen-year prison sentence that will destroy, disable, disappear or in any way damage the movable or immovable property or animal, wholly or partially strange, provided that the act does not constitute another crime punished more severely. "

Ema Cibotti She is a historian, writer and civic activist. He founded it ACTIVVAS, The Civil Society Association for Combating Roadside Insecurity and Sustainable Violence after the death of their son in a car accident. Your testimony casts light on the facts. Understand that the same taxi association can also continue to apply a strict warning to their negligent behavior and that they are in a contingent prison located in Pompeii, either arrested by a taxi driver from 48 hours to a week for incidents without injuries.

In his pride and satisfaction, he recalled a case of similar implications:When it is a dangerous or unmanageable ride, the City punishes even if there is no injury, We intervened in ACTIVVAS by presenting amicus curiae to Judge Pablo Casas from the Criminal Court for Offenses and Criminal Offenses no. 10 in Radetic and Biscardi, who killed Humberto Illiu. Prosecutor Viña locates them, and the judge in accordance with him also acted swiftly. There was a criminal trial, a short trial, their license was seized for two years, they were imprisoned for one year, meaning they had a criminal record, that was not a suspended sentence. They also had to complete several hours training and several modules, a reeducation course of several cases, with the prosecutor, traffic agents, including a three-day business day with non-governmental organizations: Biscardi was with us and Raderic with the mother's pain. And the judge decided to seize and auction the car. They asked ACTIVVASA what to do with their income and we proposed a donation to a public hospital that treats trauma on the road. At the end of last year, respirators were delivered to Piñero Hospital.

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