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Wild Tales in Bariloche: Shock, Hitting and Uncovered by Stealth and "Steering vigilance" – 01/01/2019

In Bariloche, a city filled for 10 days with 30,000 "statists", the inhabitants were seduced in the summer season in the south, a scene worthy of the film "Relatos Salvajes" by Damiána Szifrona.

On December 23, at 7.35 pm, on Enflein Street (in parallel with the main miter), between Quaglia and Villegas, in the center of the city, a group of people held a debate that detonated in shocks, strikes, shouts, gurcs, rays, unconsciousness, shaky , wounded, broken glass and a brutally deliberate collision that left two cars almost completely destroyed. Worthy screenplay for class B movies. But that happened in a mountain chain that today retains 80% occupational occupation.

Chaos images were recorded by the camera of the other driver he had a rare nature of pulse hold and 91.3 Mhz Earth Station remote camera, which recorded events from the opposite angle.

Police Río Negro has not yet offered official conflict information happened nine days ago, but in the meantime it turned out that the young driver Suzan Volkswagen had a strong discussion with the group of girls who were walking after trying to swing and hit two of them.

The young women, accompanied by a friend, came back to him on both sides of the vehicle and tried to pull him out of the window until the boy had accelerated to escape from the place without worry if there were more pedestrians or other vehicles in his desperate flight is the boy who raised the ground and hit the Peugeot which was a double row.

All that unusual process was observed by the white Fiesta Dune driver who moved slowly along with the people involved in the violent debate. When he realized that the young man was about to escape, he started with full force until Suran hit the front. After stopping, the dina speeds up again and moves forward with an unknown destination.

As a result of the strike, the young man in the car on the flight lost consciousness and began to clap. The health workers immediately moved it to the Regional Hospital of the City.

The photos posted by neighbors in the networks are unbearable. The Duma lost all of his back and Suran became useless.

There are already accounts on Facebook that call for a "collection that will help Duni" because they consider him a real anonymous avenger. Rumors at the locality indicate that the insurance company did not agree to pay the Dune driver because it is a deliberate action.

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