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Wireless headphones would cause cancer of PoderPDA

However, this would refer to other wireless headsets when using EMF waves.

We all heard that all electronics produce radiation that affects our health … there are even studies that show that modems and smartphones also interfere with the waves they emit (but they do not cause cancer). The petition published by The Atlanta Journal Constitution indicates that Airpods can cause cancer.

AirPods are the most successful handset Apple sold and imitated by other companies. However, the published research suggests that 250 scientists agreed to AirPods as well as others devices which are carried on the ear, They are at risk of cancer development in people who use it. They signed a petition in the United Nations and the World Health Organization to publish such findings.

Bluetooth technology used to connect to the device and the headset would be the culprit for the use of electromagnetic waves (EMF), for data transmission and when used so close to the user skull, they are considered dangerous.

In fact, the International Cancer Research Agency has recently stated this EMF waves can be carcinogenic to humans, as in contact with high levels of exposure they can cause neurological damage and also alter DNA. Other problems that cause burns and affect cell growth. The long-term result of long-lasting low-emission radiation emitted by devices such as AirPod is not known.

The World Health Organization has a guide on the number of safe EMF waves for users on devices, but these scientists indicate that such recommendations are not enough to prevent disease where children would be even more vulnerable.

It is reported that recent scientific publications have shown that there are effects in human organisms that appear even at low levels considered safe in the national and international EMF guidelines approved by the above-mentioned organisms.

Given the increase in the number of wireless devices using Bluetooth, it will be necessary to limit the time of use to avoid the least possible damage.

With information from WSB-TV Atlanta

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