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Without Mourinho, Manchester United stops winning – 02/01/2019

Confusion of Confidence This obscure image, which the Argentinians used to hear three years ago as an introduction to the rain for investment that would never come, seemed to fuel for Manchester United players who, after forced departure from José Mourinho and a weak segment segment of the season, to victory. Renewed illusions? The Magical Hand of Norwegian Ole Gunnar Solskjaer? Breakdown that created the end of the invisible connection? Only they know that.

2: 0 as a visitor to Newcastle, tense and strained, was far from the extraordinary performances against Cardiff (5-1), Huddersfield (3-1) and Bournemouth (4: 1), but that meant fourth consecutive win in just 12 days since the arrival of a new trainer. The parties at the end of the year, for United, were no doubt happy without Mourinho, a man with whom "neither the cooks nor the props were happy", according to a few days ago Wayne Rooney, the historian of the best shooter of the club.

Basically, staying at Solskjaer's bank, a former club player between 1996 and 2007, and winning 13 red-headed titles, will be short. It is expected that at the end of the season there will be a new coach. But player support ("We are more insulting and so we want to play," said Paul Pogba of this new cycle., one of the toughest opponents of Mourinh), the results and some Norwegian characters can hold it.

Against Newcastle, DT's intervention has fired the fate of the game, In the 18th minute of the second half, Belgio Romelu Lukaku, who entered only 10 seconds before replacing Anthony Martial, made a leap from Martin Dubravka's Slovak goalkeeper after a free kick by Marcus Rashford and broke the environment magpies They built around their area. A little later, Rashford arranged a duel after a good reaction with Lukak and Chilean Alexis Sanchez, one of Solskjaer's solutions in the bank.

Until then, United monopolized the ball and went through the rival area, but failed in the aftermath and barely complicated Dubravka in a duel with a lot of friction and strong legs (local captain Jamaal). Lascelles, he should have seen the red color on Ander Herreri, but he only got yellow.

United's triumphal attack allows him to start in 2019 with different prospects: with these 12 points he went to sixth place, to 16 Liverpool leaders (On Thursday at 5 pm you will visit Manchester City), but to only three places that will award the classification to the next season of continental competitions, It seems very modest for one of the giants of English football, but it was almost choreographed about it two weeks ago when Mourinho was kicked out.

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