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You can avoid nearly 4 deaths per hour in the country by controlling blood pressure


"It's because of my nerves, I calm down and it's almost," "if it's growing occasionally, it's not that bad," "I eat with a little salt, I'll be fine." Decreasing hypertension is a serious mistake, About 10 million Argentines suffer from it, half of them do not know it, and less than 25% manage to maintain the appropriate levels, according to the study. National Register of Arterial Hypertension (Renata 2) Resetting this reality is vital because you can avoid nearly four deaths per hour in a country with well-controlled pressure. This is confirmed by Argentine Society of Arterial Hypertension (SAHA).

In 2017, 90,222 people died in Argentina due to cardiovascular disease, "More than a third (37.3%) of these deaths could be prevented if their blood pressure levels were normal, meaning that we could avoid 92 deaths per day in our country, practically four hours per day controlling hypertension," he says Martín Salazar, head of the San Martín de La Plata hospital teaching and research facility, which is part of the Dialogue with Clarina.

"Every year more than 150,000 coronary events occur in Argentinasuch as angina pectoris and myocardial infarction, and 100,000 cerebrovascular accidents. The link between stroke and ischemic heart disease with blood pressure is linear. In order to reduce the risk of suffering one or other condition, we must be demanding in meeting the goals of prevention and treatment, "adds Salazar, who is the honorary chairman of the organizing committee of XXVI, 11 and 13 April in Mar del Plato.

The numbers show that there is still a lot of work to do. The work of Renata 2 shows that 36% of those over the age of 18 have hypertension, but only 50% know they suffer from it. Of those who have a diagnosis, only 48% are treated and only 24.3% are well controlled.

"Maintaining good habits is important: 6,000 deaths per year can be prevented by lowering three grams of salt a day. Pressure control is fundamentalAdds Jorge Tartaglione, President of the Argentine Cardiology Foundation (FCA). The expert agrees with Salazar and adds the details of the danger of not caring about himself: "Hypertension doubles the chance of stroke."

The Tartaglione explains that "not all must be treated". "It depends on the values. If they are slightly elevated, they usually point to change habits and new tests to determine whether to take drugs," says FCA, which points out as one of the central difficulties "lack of drug compliance" . "At times of crisis, patients often stop taking medication because they can not afford it. It is added that asymptomatic pathology is 95%, he adds.

It does not create pain does not mean it does not hurt. "Hypertension is a disease affecting the arteries and the heart muscle. It can cause heart or kidney failure and block or break brain arteries and cause stroke. In addition, it is possible that it compromises the retention of the retina and leads to loss of vision. It can also cause cognitive deterioration and even dementia"Says Irene Ennis, CONICET researcher and vice president of SAHA.

"Everyone should take the pressure even on an annual medical examination, but one measurement is not enough." In general, it is advisable to make two controls: one in the middle of the query and the other at the end.You must take advantage of the visit to any specialist from the pediatrician to the gynecologist " , says Ennis.

American guidelines consider hypertension of 130/80 mmHg. Meanwhile, European and SAHA set the limit to 140/90 mmHg.

Source: Clarín.

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