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$ 10 Woolworths product rising on Instagram

The world of beauty is huge, especially on Instagram. At some point or another, we all lose hours by moving through our feeds, by lurking over nice swatches, by looking at useful tutorials and reading reviews. But falling in the vortex of beauty does not have to be a waste of time because I often find honest opinions about products that are more reliable than product specifications.

If I notice that there are a few too many negative comments on the Internet, I avoid buying – and if something explodes, I'll be the first to put it on the face. Here are five products that crazy on Instagram this month and I could not resist trying – and why I love them.


Available at Woolworths and

Price: 10 USD

This cheap item has recently appeared on my Insta feed, probably because it's currently half the price at Woolworths, and as Woolies spokesman told the Beauty Diary, it's "taking off from the police". The budget brand MCo Beauty became viral in February with its $ 14 peak and glitter, and has now joined the supermarket diva for the third time to release 11 new limited editions.

This color turned out to be hot, and I can fully understand why. Soy tones are super pigmented, so you go a bit long, and can be used on your lips, cheeks, and even shutters. I enjoyed it in her lapping on the cheekbone and blending with the brush for a beautiful pink glow.

Several stars of Austrian reality have turned into influential people like Florence Alexandre and Tayle Damir for months, which explains why I always see it. Not only is it cheap, it's also vegan and cruelty is free.


Available in Sephori

Price: $ 78

Marc Jacobs Beauty launched its first skin care product, and the world officially became crazy. I do not even exaggerate when I say – there is even a hashtag #YQChallenge devoted to people sharing their own skin while using a product that already has over 5000 posts. Not bad since it fell only two weeks ago.

Described as a skin-skin-blended skin, it's easy to see where the mortgage came from, because it sounds super beauty of the 21st century.

When applying it is very rich – something I like – and moisturizes. Plus, you smell like pineapple juice, because it's 54 percent pineapple. It also serves as a beginner if you are looking for a lighter look that I enjoyed.


Available at

Price: $ 57 – charging 38 USD

She is the chief lip organizer that is sold every two seconds so that the new Hot Lipsa collection Charlotte Tilbury has caused chaos on the Internet. The 11 shadows on offer were inspired by some of the most famous stars, such as J.K. Rowling, Jennifer Aniston and our own Kylie Minogue.

I decided to "Patsy" a red hue inspired by Charlotte's mom (as sweet), and I found that lipstick was super-moisturizing, which deserved a big tick of my dry, winter lips. The shade of red tones was also very vivid, and the cremation formula remained solid six hours before I had to refill.

The packaging is also astonishing, but the best part is that containers are completely reusable. Brand offers every shade to buy without a waste tank. How amazing is this?


Available in Mecca

Price: 75 USD

If you are a lover of glittering tenaciousness (who is not), you will want to get your gloves before they are sold out. For the first time I tried this Limited Edition palette in Meccaland last month, but I had to wait a few weeks before it was released in Australia, and I was already obsessed (just like any other beauty out there).

There are six creamy shades in the palette that can be used on the eyes, cheeks, and lips – but to be honest, I found the best formula on the cheeks because it separated when I was wearing the shrugs, giving me this nasty line. While I love good glitter, I do not usually look into my mouth. However, on my chewbones, it was simply unreal. Satin formula fits easily so you can build it if you want more pigment. Several shades have subtle shimmering stains, which I loved, and honestly, I think they all look amazing on all skin tones.


Available at the chemist's warehouse, Myer, Priceline and

Price: 39,95 USD

If you are part of the Facebook group The Beauty Diary, you already know I've been through this product recently. I can not tell you how much I have been praying on my skin since embedding it into my routine. Someone recently asked me on the train for what I use (I will not lie, I was pretty grunted). However, the secret is now good and true, because people transform the skin on Instagram, attributing fresh activity to their success. When you buy this item for the first time, Vitamin C is sealed separately from the rest of the formula and is activated when the "pop" button mixes the items together in a small vial. The packaging says it was designed to be used twice a day for two weeks, but I thought the super cool active ingredient sounded pretty intense so I started mixing five drops of her serum slowly. Oh my gee, my skin looks so fresh for two months, and I'm still on the same bottle. I can not recommend enough.

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