Monday , January 25 2021

A boy (5) from Lake Macquarie was taken to hospital after being attacked by a dog

A five-year-old boy was rushed to hospital after being attacked by his family’s pet dog on Sunday night.

Emergency services were called to a house in Sunshine, on Lake Macquarie, after reports that a child had been bitten by a child, an NSW police spokesman confirmed to

The boy, who was bitten on the face, was treated at the scene before being transferred to Westmead Children’s Hospital in western Sydney.

His injuries are believed not to be threatening.

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The dog has been secured and an investigation will begin with Lake Macquarie County Police and the local council, a spokesman said.

It comes just a month after a mother lost a newborn child after being hit by a family pet Rottweiler in New Zealand.

The animal attacked a boy on the Enderley estate in Hamilton, New Zealand on the north island of that country, leaving him in critical condition.

Ambulance St. Johns transported him to Waikato Hospital where he was treated in the neonatal intensive care unit.

The infant spent the night fighting for his life, however, the next day the police confirmed that the newborn had died.

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The little boy was bitten by a dog when his mother went to the toilet.

The neighbor said Things she saw the mother sitting on the grassy edge by the road, gently holding her child.

“I sat next to my mother and put my arm around her,” Karen said.

“The boy was crying a lot. He was so small. “

A woman who wanted to be called only by name said the boy was “all dirty and had bits of blood on him,” adding that she understood that the dog had tried to bury the boy.

“All she did was go to the toilet and it happened just like that,” Karen said Things.

“The whole thing is awful, every time I close my eyes, I just see it.”

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