Tuesday , June 15 2021

Angry Anderson mourns the tragic death of son Liam

Anger Anderson talks about the death of her son

Anger Anderson broke his silence several days after his son Liam allegedly beaten to death


ANGRY Anderson denied that his son Liam was the best friend of his accused murderer Mathew Flame.

"They are not the best friends," Rose Tattoo's nine singer told The Daily Telegraph on Thursday.

"Not even in Liam's main group of friends."

Flame, 20, allegedly killed and left Liam Anderson, 26, to death in northern Sydned in early Sunday while affected by MDMA, marijuana and alcohol.

It was reported that the body was so severely injured that the police told the family not to look at it.

Plamen is charged with murder and is in custody, and will be tried on the following day on January 29.

He was described in the initial media reports as the best friend of Liam Anderson.

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