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Apple will release a 16-inch MacBook Pro with significantly improved keyboard – BGR by the end of the month

Apple's rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro is scheduled to launch in late October, according to a new report Digitimes, The report adds that Apple's next-gen MacBook Pro will boast thinner frames than existing models and will incorporate Intel's new gene chips.

Although the publication has mixed records when it comes to rumors about Apple, we've seen enough reports from more credible sources in the last few weeks to make Digitimes report pretty compelling.

As for other MacBook Pro refresh features, previous reports say the new laptop will have a 3072 × 1920 screen and come with a 96W USB-C charger. Cleverly, a 16-inch MacBook Pro may be a little more expensive, while some reports claim it could cost as much as $ 2,900.

Most notably, however, the new MacBook Pro will be the first new MacBook to completely abandon the abusive Apple Butterfly Keyboard design that was originally introduced several years ago.

Although the butterfly keyboard design was thinner than the heel alternative, many users found it too temperamental and prone to failure. And although Apple has made additional design improvements over the last few years, the sad reality is that it has never quite been able to troubleshoot keyboard problems for all users. As a result, consensus is growing in Apple circles that butterfly keyboard design is one of the worst product designs ever to come out of Cupertino.

What the new MacBook Pro might look like – with its slim bezels and all – the recently unlocked icons in macOS Catalina beta shows us what the final design is likely to look like. Keep in mind that thinner frames will allow Apple to fit a larger screen without enlarging the laptop's footprints in a meaningful way.

Image source: MacGeneration

Finally, it's worth noting that Apple will reportedly abandon the butterfly keyboard design in its entire notebook lineup by 2020. While this is purely a guessing point, it's entirely possible that Apple's decision here can be traced back to Jony Ive – who was notoriously obsessed with thinness – left the company a few months ago.

Image source: Apple Inc.

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