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Bachelor Australia: Anna Heinrich and Tim Robards buy 1.9 million Sydney apartment

Anna Heinrich and Tim Robards they bought the house together.

On Saturday, November 10, the couple shared their exciting news on their Instagram site, with photos in front of the property sign.

"Welcome to our Home Sweet Home," wrote Heinrich, 31, with added hailstones "#GrowingUp #WeBoughtHouse #SOLD".

Robards's post reading, "Love Playing Adult With You! #BoughtHouse #SOLD".

The couple bought a luxury $ 1,9 million art deco apartment in Rose Bay, NSW, with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a carport.

Real estate listings have "spectacular views of the harbor" and quote the sale date on October 9, 2018.

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It was an important year for a couple, which in June linked the node in Italy.

They met five years ago at a gathering Bachelor Australia, Season 1.

Heinrich won 24 other contestants to win Robard's love at the show, and he declared his love for her at the finals of 1.2 million people.

"I love you, you feel so good, to finally say, I want to feel special every day, I can not wait to begin the next part of our journey together," he said.

Robards suggested Heinrich in May 2017, during a romantic trip to Chamberlain Gorge in Kimberley, Western Australia.

Popping the question with the $ 173,000 ring over crocodile infested waters in the dinghy, Tim caught the whole thing on the camera, by drone.

"My heart [was] throbbing. Me too [was] trying not to drop my drone and me [was] also about suggestion, "Tim recalled.

When he dropped to his knees and showed the ring, Ana started tears as he asked, "What if I confessed your love for you and said that every moment has been incredibly long lasting for years?" "

About a year later they married in a fairy Italian wedding at Masseria Potenti in Puglia.

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