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Coles Launches New BBQ Sauce, Cucumber Bowl with Bowl Sauce

Australians are cultivated people, with a sophisticated palette and love for finer things in life.

But, too, we are not too proud to put our goblets on the fried, fatty fruits of the fast food industry.

When Coles 2017 experienced a monumental success by launching its Special Burger Sauce – a Spice of Nearly identical flavor to McDonald's Big Mac Sauce – sausage companies had to work on a strictly confidential mission.

The results of this mission were released this week, and the supermarket chain supplied shelves with two exclusive sauces designed to accompany the food enjoyed by the most demanding customer.

Chicken lump.

It is well known that one pack of Maccas McNuggeta is best served with sauce.

But it does not seem that these tiny little packages do not grind the mustard.

So why not have a whole bottle of squeezy sauce of chicken and lumpy pie waiting for you at home – or, preferably, in the cup holder of your car for those driving moments.

Coles launched two Special Nugget Sauces, developed after the chefs tasted "thousands of sauces from around the world."

375mL bottles will give you $ 2.75 back each and get the worm among mud lovers.

Australians call them "sauces," and many claim that they have tastes like those in McDonald's.

So, without further difficulty, greet your new friends.

Sweet ice cream sauce

This sauce draws inspiration from Caroline's BBQ sauce and is filled with a sweet, tangic, gorušiće dobročinstvo.

One guy said that this nougat sauce was damn good after trying this week.

"And it's better than Mickey D just my personal opinion," he said.

Brave but convincing.


According to Coles, this nougat sauce is based on ketchup, a popular spice in Germany.

It's called "Currygewürzketchup," but down here, think of it, "give me those spicy things to eat my nugg".

Colesa's spokeswoman for said that Australia's love for chicken lard is undeniable.

"That's why our chefs try thousands of sauces from around the world to develop two sauces that we know people will love," the spokeswoman said.

"And the best part is that both have no artificial colors or tastes."


The new range of sauces follows the amazing success of Special Burger Sauces – Real Life Wonders.

In November 2016, Coles issued Special Burger Praise Sauce nationally, and Maccas lovers shared their thoughts about Big Mac doppelganger.

One woman described it as a "clone of McDonald's Big Mac Sauces," with a creamy flavor of dill and cucumber that emulates a sweet secret recipe.

"I've never tried anything so close to real things, good Coles," she wrote.

Tens of thousands of Australians at the time expressed their love for sausage on social media, congratulating Coles on "the right winner."

That person was so overwhelmed with the taste of Burger's Special Sauce, it took them another moment to calm down.

Pick & # 39; NAIS

This sauce was released in November last year, using real peanuts from milk and fresh dill.

Although not a successful Special Burger sauce, Pickle Naise attracted great attention due to its similarity to the classic Red Rooster Rippa Sub sauce.

Perhaps there are not many red rock fans abandoned there, but those who are silent certainly deserve this sweet and acidic sauce.

One woman said, "If it's as good as their Big Mac sauce, then here's my money."

He had the added advantage of being completely a kosher.

The other woman told her husband that "if you do not go home with cucumbers, you will not come home at all."

"Oh, my God, shut up and take my money," wrote another fan.

Time will show whether Coles' new nougat sauces pull out the same fan fair.

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