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Coutinho at Liverpool's Encouraging & # 39; to expel Man United

Release Date: Sunday, April 7, 2019 10:11 AM

Philippe Coutinho explains why "double personal satisfaction" should be thrown away by Manchester United from the Champions League.

Coutinho will return to England for the first time since joining Barcelona in January 2018, when Spaniards travel to Old Trafford in the first quarter of the quarterfinals of the Champions League on Wednesday.

Coutinho failed to settle in Spain after leaving Liverpool for more than a year, but hopes he will start the spell with victory over the former Premier League foe.

The Brazilian is aware that his and Luis Suarez's past in Liverpool meant they would target them, but Coutinho used it as an inspiration.

"This will not mean anything to me," he told the Sunday Mirror about the likely negative reaction he would receive.

"And more than that, it's an incentive to play better and focus even more.

– I know the matches against Manchester United are special. I learned what they meant during my stay in Liverpool when we were so intensely alive with the supporters.

"This is in my memory and, although this is a different phase, if Barcelona is to drop United from Europe, it will be a double personal satisfaction for me."

The Barca will face the Liverpool quarter-final winner with Port in the semi-finals if they manage to beat United, and Coutinho admits that he would rather have a potential match with his former side in the final.

"I know that Liverpool fans will be with us in United," he said.

"But they know we can see them later at Anfield, and then I will, of course, be where Barcelona wants to win.

"It would be a dream to play again at Anfieldu, an explosion of different feelings, I'm sure."

"But I have to be honest and say that I would rather meet Liverpool only in the final."

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